Masked pimples, circles under the eyes, redness on the face with Lancome Miracle Cushion CC (shades 01 Green, 02 Yellow, 03 Pinky Peach, Purple 04)

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This review will show all that is hidden… under Foundation, powder and a drop of highlighter???? will Tell as color correctors help conceal imperfections.

Attention! In the post there are some unpleasant pictures of the skin. Hope I have saved someone’s nerves ????


The packaging looks modern and very nice.

Cushion-sold in original box Lancome.

Colored plastic case with kushana could fit inside (they are not yet sold separately, but certainly will soon), the cover of the case always shows the color built-in could fit — smooth ball joint resembles cake macaron. Inside there is a mirror in the lid.

For those who are familiar with Kusanagi device packaging would not be unexpected. For me, it is the first tool in the format cusona, so I’m still in shock of how simply and brilliantly comfortable.


The primer is available in 4 shades, each designed to mask a certain lack of the skin.

I was lucky enough to test them all: 01 green, 02 yellow, 03 pink, 04 purple. About the action of each shade of corrector I will explain in detail below in paragraph “application”.

from left to right: 01 green, 02 yellow, 03 pink, 04 purple

When the shading correctors do not have such obvious differences in color, as they are all very gentle and watercolor.

Smell: the proofreaders have no smell, the packaging smells faintly of plastic.

Texture: Lancome Miracle Cushion CC when applying finger fairly dense proofreaders (this knowledge will be useful in order to point to cover up anything), when applied with a sponge felt like a matte Foundation. On the skin lay thin translucent layer.

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Production: Korea

Product weight: 7 grams


Proofreaders in consistency similar to liquid Foundation. Easily typed on the sponge without problems are transferred to the skin. It is best to blend the concealer immediately after application because it dries the air and distribute it becomes more difficult, although problems still arise.

I thought proofreaders creates refreshing skin, at least, the tone is concatenated with the base well and Shine on it does not appear during the day. Also less tonal imprinted on the items and lasts longer.

So, it will show you all the correctors in turn:

Shade 01 Green (Green)

Use the green shade to cover a variety of redness and irritation on the skin

Let’s consider an example. Today is clearly not the best day for my skin: black eyes (they are always on the spot, without concealer cannot go outside), and General redness of the skin after washing and horror of horrors (!) allergic small red spots all over his forehead.

Under the eye apply pink concealer on the whole face green.

Lancome Miracle Cushion CC 01 green BEFORE/AFTER

I have pale skin by itself, but with feathered green corrector on my face, I become like a vampire, so the tone is simply necessary to return life to a person. I think one cushion independently well off all the problems and with Foundation on top, things got even better.

green corrector + tone Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Shade 02 yellow (Yellow)

Use the yellow — a universal shade to conceal mild redness, dullness and signs of fatigue.

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Now will be true of the Cap: yellow concealer gives the face a yellow tinge. ????

I have very pale skin with a pink undertone, so yellow concealer on me and stands out even tone (I use light translucent textures) seems to be a smidgen darker. However, the tone corrector is quite thick and masking on top. With Foundation on top, skin looks healthy and smooth.

Lancome Miracle Cushion CC 02 yellow BEFORE/AFTERyellow corrector + tone Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

The shade 03 pink (Pinky Peach)

Use the pink shade to camouflage dark circles under the eyes and give the skin a fresh appearance

I can use a solo, he just a little bit my skin, but the complexion as a whole remains alive. Has good covering power and in the days when I don’t have a disaster with the skin, I can actually use it without a Foundation — already tested.

Lancome Miracle Cushion 03 CC pink BEFORE/AFTER

Notice how became smoother overall skin tone ⬆this Skin during the day does not Shine (I have dry skin in itself, but there is no hint of gloss), concealer is almost not printed on the phone. I love that pink shade is universal and they can go through the whole face including the eye area. Shade 03 is my choice when on full makeup in no time: add a drop of blush and you can go to work.

Shade 04 purple (Purple)

Use the purple shade against age spots and natural yellow skin

Purple Miracle CC Cushion seemed the lightest of the entire line: it is slightly blocked blemishes, but the pimples stayed with me. Purple cushion brightening the skin.

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Lancome Miracle Cushion CC 04 purple BEFORE/AFTER

Under a light Foundation it lays well, does not Shine through though and had to cover her face more carefully, so as not stood out blue.

violet corrector + tone Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

As a result: a great tool, a great disguise! Noticed that proofreaders can underline peeling, but hydrated skin this almost never happens.

Proofreaders themselves well to conceal pimples and redness, cool evens skin tone and helps Foundation to keep the cream better.

Anyone can pick up Miracle CC Cushion for himself according to his needs, in this case to be mistaken with a shade difficult, as they are all quite neutral and interchangeable.

Evaluation: 5- (underlined peeling)

Price: 3,000 rubles, depending on where you buy them

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