Masks for face skin from Skinlite Skin and El

With Korean cosmetics and Skin Skinlite El until recently I was not familiar. Can’t think of any means of these brands in your care. It was interesting to test the proposed mask.

Black mask Black Peel off Mask, Skin El

Mask Black Peel off Mask, Skin El

Black mask film Elsken is an innovative product developed with the help of advanced cosmetic technologies. It allows you to efficiently and permanently clean the face of the sebaceous plugs and blackheads.

To study in detail the properties of the mask on the photo below:

Method of application, precautions, and General information aboutComposition

The mask is a thick black gel. The fragrance at first heard the alcohol, then it is replaced by vegetable and medicinal aroma.

The gel is plastic and homogeneous, are easily distributed on the skin without sinking and succumbing to the overlaying.

I don’t put the mask on the entire surface of the skin, only on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, without merging in a single layer.

Masks in the package was exactly enough to cover these areas thin, but not translucent skin layer.

After about 20-25 minutes the mask has completely dried I separated it from the skin. Dry the pieces remained stretching (some masks dry up to a paper state) and elastic. Fluff was not touched, and pain when removing arose. To clean blackheads on nose and chin mask was useless. It makes no sense to attach pictures of before/ after — there is no difference. From the skin of the forehead, she managed to pick up a couple of sebaceous plugs and this cleaning limited. A little pulled down the pores and gives the skin a Matt + removed peeling. Overall, nothing much did, but not quite so stupid. For me, this mask from the “pampering”, but the masks of this format, I basically don’t expect any reaction.

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Testing period: 1 time

Cost: 80 rubles

Rating: 4

Mask Skinlite Peel Off Green&Red

Mask Skinlite Peel Off Green&Red Multimask film “Red algae + Green algae

This mask readers are probably familiar Kosmetische – periodically reviews with her.

Package divided into two compartments, each is for 7 ml of product. For the T – zone- “Green algae”, for the rest of the face is “Red Algae”. The idea is not new, it is now quite popular multitasking when each area is applied in a separate tool.


The mask is a lot for two applications accurately enough. Even though I caused a layer from the heart, bags of the left half of funds. But keeping them is not possible and they were sent to the scrap

Green mask struck on the chin

Mask is medium thickness, spread over the skin without any problems. The final version looks fun and different.

Discomfort during the procedure I had, but the discomfort brought by the smell of money — the purest alcohol, the first time burned his eyes.

Froze the mask for 20 minutes. Remove it was very painful — she mercilessly pulled me even the smallest fluff. The skin is immediately flushed in the field of hair removal and felt a burning sensation on the nose. The effect of the application was expressionless – she remained indifferent to the black dots on nose and chin, no dirt on the back of a rubbish mask I found. The pores are slightly pulled and in General, the topography became less pronounced, but after applying the cream the skin has returned to its original state. For me was useless.

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Testing period: 1 time

Cost: 80 rubles

Rating: 2

Skinlite Deep Purifying Black O2 Bubble Mask Volcanic Black bubble mask “Volcanic ash”

Skinlite Deep Purifying Black O2 Bubble Mask Volcanic Black bubble mask “Volcanic ash”

The bubble masks are now very popular, but I this trend pass by. Mask from Skylit kind of debut for me.

This mask is cloth, it is impregnated with a viscous serum with a pleasant fruity aroma that starts bubbling immediately after removing from the packaging. It took me some time to disentangle all the masks they seem stuck to each other. During this time, the mask had already covered small bubbles

Size, by the way, fit perfectly to my Slavic face, even a little less.

Feeling during the procedure has seemed to me very pleasant – the bubbles gently tickling your skin. Because of the gravity of the mask tends to slide, so it’s best to take a horizontal position and enjoy the process.

After 15 minutes I looked like this:

After removing the skin remains a little wet bubbles and I massaged the skin for a few minutes. The liquid is viscous, and fingers very well slip.The residue was washed with water at room temperature.

The skin was soft and pleasant to the touch. Slightly flushed, but quickly returned to normal. The tone became a little smoother, but dramatic changes did not happen, slightly smoothed the terrain and brightened dark spots. Moisturizer I didn’t need it, lack of wetness I felt, on the contrary — skin looked radiant and healthy. The mask fell, there was no dry land, which he could emphasize.

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As an Express treatment mask I liked, before taxes on “coming out” – very useful thing.

Testing period: 1 time

Cost: 150 rubles

Rating: 5-


The mask of the film did not impress me enough to repeat to him the approach. But the bubble I was interested in and I’ll take five for emergencies.

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