Masks that work! Frien Vita Skin Filtering Mask

My love for these masks started with one thing from butibori — it was a Whitening mask with vitamin C and Yuzu. Actually, I’m sitting firmly on the fabric and hydrogel masks and nothing surprises me. The difference between the different brands I had not seen. To Frien Vita.

Standard bag made of paper with foil inside, weighing 25 g. the Production of South Korea. You can take in a box (10 PCs), as it turns profitable. Packaging anti-aging masks with propolis:

Is broken exactly in the recesses. In the bag was a mask, no separate compartments with serum. Inside sooo sooo slimy mask. Even “snotty”. With a texture I have never experienced in the hydrogel, neither in normal tissue nor in the jelly masks. While all of this slipperiness is not flowing on the hands and neck.

Very soft fabric, small size, takes standard European face. On the neck does not apply. If you wish, you can simply smear the jelly out of the bag. The flavors are different in different masks manufacturer — thin, non-irritating, very natural — for example, askorbinku.

The mask is very well sticks to the face, rather the sticks and she can go home and scare to do things.

The manufacturer advises us to lie down with a mask on 10-20 minutes and the remains of the serum to drive Pat. Mmmmore so be it, but I’m all out cotton pad with toner. What amount of substance left to face. That’s a lot)

After removing the magic. I can say only for myself — leather megablasta (and I have the serum removed), skin color smooth, light, like I was vacationing at the resort, slept and drank fresh juices round the clock. Removes enlarged pores, redness, gray complexion. Wrinkles from dryness too!

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Immediately after removing the mask and removing residues of the “jelly” — it is possible to reach the outside world)

The mask with vitamin C I hunt, it is rarely in the sale of packages (something unlucky), but all the rest — is not worse, and keeping promises.

I write this post sitting in a Moisturising mask Plum Vita E.

Rating: 5+++Some of the best masks that I have tried.

Price: 150-180 RUB. for PCs.

Period of use: often, through the day for several months.

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