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I never thought I’d write a post about the brush 🙂 But brush Double Dare I. M. BUDDY deserves that kind of attention.

Just note that I like to use this brush for body only, and therefore talk about it will be how to replace the sponge (in my understanding).

I have always loved to use the regular braided oval sponges because they, to some extent, can partially replace the scrubbing. But Double Dare I. M. BUDDY drove a washcloth and they never appeared in my bathroom 🙂

Manufacturer’s description:

Double Dare I. M. BUDDY is a silicone brush for cleansing and massaging the skin. The soft “teeth” clean and massage without damaging the skin.

Compact design and impermeability make M. I. Buddy is a convenient for taking a shower during the journey.

Why the need for silicone brush I. M. BUDDY:

— Cleansing of the body;

— Cleansing of the skin;

— Cleansing the scalp;

— Lymphatic drainage massage;

— Anti-cellulite massage;

— A foot massage.


Apply the brush tool to cleanse the skin of the face or body. Apply onto skin in circular massage movements to soft the teeth brushes cleanse the skin. Use short not bending the teeth for cellulite, lymphatic drainage massage and foot massage. Rinse brush with warm water.

Composition: 100% food grade silicone.

I note that there are some flowers brushes I. M. BUDDY — black, white, pink, blue, mint.

What I like most about this brush is its hygiene. Don’t know what her period of use, but the fact that it is the most hygienic option — fact.

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The brush is very good to bend, the bristles are moderately elastic. From the hand does not slip.

At first I thought that I got to use several times this brush and all, but somewhere in the 5-th time using it, I realized that nothing is better among brushes/sponges can not be. The big plus of this brush is that it not only cleans, but also nice, gently but efficiently massage the body (I like to use the side with long and thin setae, but not all will be enough), and, though at first glance it may seem that such soft bristles will not achieve any exfoliation and cleansing of the body, she copes with this (even those thin bristles). Side with short and thick bristles, perhaps more suited for massage than the side with the thin and long, but I often use the second side. If you hold a brush on dry skin, it seems as if the bristles zawiyat the skin.

I use it with various shower gels, it foams them well, but due to the fact that the gel flows deep between the bristles and spreads there, the consumption of resources increases.

I note that the toothbrush really dries very quickly.

Miracles, of course, but this brush does not do, but their cleansing and massage functions it performs perfectly! Add aesthetic and tactile pleasure, remember about hygiene brush and understand that without it in any way)))

I have tried to use this brush for the face, but I found it not very comfortable because of the size of the brush. The Double Dare has a similar brush specifically for cleansing the face, so I see no reason to bother and try to massage the face with a big brush I. M. BUDDY.

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Price — 1590 RUB

Rating is 5! I think that the brush is completely worth the cost 🙂

(And very surprised that I. M. BUDDY still has not become a “star” brand)

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