Massager Pain de massage amincissant de Jeanne Piaubert + lymphatic drainage-massage = my enthusiasm

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Good day to all!

Today I want to present to your attention my recent acquisition. Body massager with soap from the French physiotherapist Jeanne Puber. And tell me how to do lymphatic drainage massage.

Massagers Méthode Jeanne Piaubert available since 1979.

The handle is made of quality plastic material, massage the surface with soft rubber “fingers”, there are holes. Brush collapsible.

Inside is soap.

The manufacturer claims that this massager gently cleanses (thanks to its formula without soap), and promotes weight loss, thanks to the combined action of the massage and plant extracts contained in the soap.

Composition :

The extracts of birch and ivy, contained in the soap, contribute to weight loss.

The massage action of the device stimulates the circulation, drains and delocalized fats, gently cleanses and tones the skin. Suitable even for fragile skin.

My experience.

In fact, my struggle for a beautiful, toned body lasts for ten years. She is, apparently, endless! And the most important thing I have learned over the years is consistency. Anyway, for me. For example, went on vacation for two weeks without the means to care for body (massager or a brush, creams) — and start again. So why is my body so tends to cellulite and sagging, I’ll never know!

But we will not, perhaps, to go for decades. Let’s move on to the current year. In the spring I did a General massage of the body with a good study of the problem areas. The course lasted 2 months, 2-3 times a week. And visiting a masseuse once a week 1. But I can never get enough, definitely need tools for home use. To maintain results. And they certainly have with me. And brushes, and wraps, and mud, and creams. All of these tools I try to use at least once a day. But better 2 times, morning and evening. And often I do it. Yes, I am capable of feats!

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Since I’m fairly skilled fighter in the fight against cellulite (the final victory is near, I believe!), the massager from Jeanne Piaubert I could not zaiteresovat… the Price is certainly not very humane, but when we are this scared?

Unpacked, and for the cause! With this massager I first decided to do it lymphatic drainage massage of the body. And Yes, the approval of his masseuses also received).

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage aimed at improving lymphatic system. Violation of lymph circulation entails the appearance of edema, impaired skin turgor, the appearance of cellulite.

Disorders of microcirculation are observed in most women older than 30 years (especially giving birth take hormonal contraceptives wearing high-heel shoes), so it is possible that pathology of the venous circulation is the leading element in the development of local lipodystrophy (cellulite).

Schemes such massage great many, but the principle of one. All massage movements are directed from the bottom up, along the path of movement of lymph. Start from the ankle to the knee, then from knee up the thigh. You can do a circular movement, or spiral or just bottom – up. I massaged not only the feet but the whole body.

Begin with light massage movements, gradually becoming more intense. And no pain should be.

Duration of procedure — about ten minutes. To improve the microcirculation of the skin is enough.

Massager from Jeanne Piaubert for lymphatic drainage massage I came perfect. Short, comfortable handle, soft “fingers”. The skin is not hurt, don’t scratch. Soap gives a rich, pleasant-smelling, gentle foam.

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The soap does not dry skin, but never used any anti-cellulite necessarily apply.

The effect of gel or cream that is used after the massage is greatly enhanced.


And here I will surprise you!

In the morning after the first treatment before going to sleep, standing on the scales, I found the “loss” of 1 kg! Of course, this is the conclusion of excess fluid from the body. But that’s what I wanted to achieve. Such a result could not have supposed it!.. Believe me, I’m not easily impressed, and to impress me is difficult.

Now, after two weeks of using this massager, I can say that very satisfied. And, honestly, didn’t expect such a simple massage and soap will have such a powerful impact.

I used to? Anti-cellulite massage should be sufficiently intense, on the verge of pain. After the sessions the therapist I am always wet from sweat, like after a shower (sorry for the details).

Moreover, once a year I do 8-10 sessions a hardware lymphatic drainage. And did not see him any effect. But he continued to do, considering that at least the prevention of varicose veins get exactly.

Massager I try to use 2 times a day (and I still can do it!) The swelling is gone. The skin noticeably tightened, became smooth, dense and very elastic. It seems that the volume is a little bit left. And relief of the hip has changed for the better, especially on the inside .


Of course, you can use any similar massager, combining with some anti-cellulite gels or creams. And the price is much less.

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For me the main advantage of this massager — soft, flexible “fingers” of high-quality rubber. Like somehow not met me… I Hope it lasts a very long time.

Only — sad that the soap ends. A big expense, I think that for a month approximately is enough.

Photo after several days of use. Very unsightly!

Plan to use the massager and without soap, with some anti-cellulite creams.

I used to buy all sorts of cheap Belarusian or Russian gels or wraps but used them not for designated purpose, but simply with a brush in the shower. Very hard working through problem areas!

Of course, you can soap some inside the massager to put. It is very convenient, as shown. But I think it is desirable that it contained some anti-cellulite components. Algae, extracts of horse chestnut or ivy, birch.

Girls, can anyone have in mind is the soap? Tell me, please.

You can, of course, and order the original, but expensive — nearly 30 euros.

Price: 53 € / person.

Country of origin- France;

Rating is 5.

Thank you for your attention!

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