Masura 1160 and 1205 – fall tandem

Spicy pear and the April frost.

Two shades in soothing muted tones πŸ™‚ just in time for the autumn mood.

Masura 1160 Spicy Pear

A long walk in circles around this shade, studied Swatch. My skin is cold potona those colors for her crafty, you can make hands dirty, bluish, etc.

But the ginger was very successful, because in fact not ginger at all, I would call this color a shade of red clay, beaten holographic shimmer. On the Oficial website the color is named after the romantic β€” hues of life! autumn maple… well, take your pick πŸ™‚

Texture cream with holographic shimmer, polesny smooth dvukhsloinykh.

Dries and holds well, but suddenly shimmery varnish coming off with the chips.

Removed just the usual JDSL.

Swatch in calm daylight, the autumn. In principle, the varnish does not need sunlight to reveal the beauty, he is good a quiet tone.

Very suitable for denim and knitwear… Solely fall color πŸ™‚

Applied in two coats without a base and covered top.

Masura 1205 April Frost

Frost, may, and April, but mist or fog quite autumn πŸ™‚

Krasivui taupe with pink shimmer and tiny holographic shimmer (smaller than previous). Base with a clear violet note.

Texture β€” cream with shimmer, fits well in two layers.

Dries without any problems, holds as usual (on the third day off).

Is removed easily. TX, even have nothing to write.

Swatch is also in the calm light. Paint applied in two layers and covered with top.

It even has the creamy kind of is… a Very comfortable color, not boring, to remove not wanted πŸ™‚

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And two shades together β€” leaves in the morning mist πŸ™‚

When you want to relax your eyes, such a varnish is very handy. Quiet, unobtrusive, comfortable.

Lay down obediently, holding up well. Nails make accurate.

A little too calmly written, and really very happy, especially the pear (ginger for cold skin), I have such shades in the collection are no more.

Price 349 per 11 ml.

Otsenka 5!

Girls, how do you?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera πŸ™‚

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