Masura 1196 Bumper Harvest – harvest in the fall

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My weirdest nail Polish…

Long I looked at him, circles went. And then decided it was better to make and regret, than Vice versa 🙂

Such complex polishes are always a lottery. And they look different on different nails, and different background skin, and the taste can come to the court and may or may not…

So, a Bumper Harvest for a long time in the brand’s assortment and swatches little…

Fill the gaps 🙂

Textroi — jelly sand-colored with purple, gold and green flakes and a Golden shimmer.

They say — crop, but for me more like a leaf…

Lies down obediently, smoothly, not compukesa, all the stuffing is distributed evenly.

Two layers is enough for a good decorative effect.

Dries well, but the coating is textrunner, so it’s still better to cover the top.

Holds perfectly, gradually rubbing the ends, but this shade is a little noticeable.

Removed, by the way, easily enough, despite the presence of flakes in the composition.

Swatch. Paint applied in two layers and covered with top.

Variegated, of course… But due to the muted shades of the base lacquer is quite possible to wear solo, you only need appropriate support. For example, jeans, a bulky sweater, suede shoes… Or turtleneck and tweed jacket…

Tolerated it, by the way, comfortable does not irritate the eye, was removed because the cuticle growing back and not because I got tired 🙂

And of course, varnish great for accent. In asking a few purple and green (the color of the flakes), but I have a suitable is not found, but there was a Hazy morning coffee, gray-korichnevy holographic. And in the warm modtone they met…

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Price 349 per 11 ml.

Rating 5

Girls, how do you?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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