Masura 1227 Magic of the Night & 1238 Apocalypsis – the Apocalypse night

Combined these polishes in one review, because they differ only by the base. But eventually a different effect!

Two more handsome of the autumn novelties of Masury.

Drama title: the magic of the night and the Apocalypse. Lucky, it turned out sparkling and magnetic 🙂

Masura 1227 Magic of the Night

Texture — black holographic with flakes of mica. Trouble-free in operation, in two layers laid obediently, smooth, not tight.

The surface is textured, it is better to cover the top.

Dry yourself for 10 minutes, with the top drying, of course, faster.

Holds well, does not splinter. Rubbing the ends. On a dark color it is noticeable, but a few days the varnish is in excellent condition, especially if you do not wash dishes without gloves.

Removed without any problems.

In General, TX without any complications.

Color. Took this Polish with great doubt, because none of my black and green nails almost never wear, and he was very impressive and complimentary to my hands.

Black jelly base, small holography and mica that flashes blue, green and gold.

Incredibly beautiful looks. And soothing afternoon light, and electric…

Swatch. Paint applied in two coats without a base and covered top.

Electric light.

Masura 1238 Apocalypsis

Texture and TX is similar to the previous shade, differs only in color.

Color. The site says “red holographic with mica”.

It is not red, it is Titian red. It’s a fiery redhead, active, mellow tone.

Usually this color is dye their hair 🙂

In titanovoe database holographic and mica, which glows Golden, red and tobacco undertones.

Looks just bombyces. In the fall several times already painted my nails this shade, and that says a lot. 🙂

Swatch. Paint applied in two coats without a base and covered top.

Oh, that’s all… as they say 🙂

Price 349 per 11 ml.

Rating 5 both

Girls, how do you? 🙂

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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