Masura 1234 Renessance – the spring is ready

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Haven’t done the varnish posts, and new things have accumulated 🙂

In the fall of Masury out one of the best collections in my opinion. That no varnish in desyatochku.

The hero of the review, by the way, not sever, but very spring color. Fall came, and again just recently pulled, painted, and very in the mood, already waiting for spring 🙂

The texture is waxy and jelly with flakes of mica, blueberry jelly 🙂 is Placed on the nails very obediently, mica can be leveled, the Polish is not tight. Two layers of falls flat. The surface is textured, it is better to pour the top.

Dries well, two coats about 10 minutes to dry, but under the top was drying at all quickly.

Keeps well too. Mica provides reinforcement coating that protects from chipping. Very gradually rubbing the ends. Three days it can wear.

Removed without a problem, especially scrubbing is not necessary. The nail plate does not stain.

In General, TKH, no complaints.

Color — blueberry jelly 🙂 due to the translucency of the shade walking in a different light, then darker, then lighter. Promophoto it is very bright, I did so in my life can’t you see he muffled, as if in transparent jelly dripped white.

Flakes of mica mixed, glare green, blue and crimson. Very cute and playful look, especially in the sun. In the spring sunshine must be especially nice to play 🙂


Paint applied in two coats without a base and covered top.

Price 349 per 11 ml.

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Rating 5

Girls, how do you? I think for spring the most. And at no other time of the year it is so impressive to look will not be…

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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