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Kiss in the tea house, a Flowering tree, Sparkling Koi.

Joined the magnetic polishes are in a state of continuous aesthetic swoon 🙂

Masury several collections of magnetic nail polishes, the “flower garden”, in my opinion, the most colorful and varied collection.

An established favourite in her Golden horn of the Unicorn, which my cold skin came up strongly.

But these ochlocracy handsome behaved impeccably 🙂

Masura 904-240 Flowering Tree

Dark coffee base with a copper highlight, a rare diffuse holography and flakes of mica.

You can do one thick layer, but the second layer adds depth and brightness.

To magnetize each layer. Moreover, over the top, too, it is better to magnetize. I did not realize and under the top of the flare began to fade…

Fit lacquer dutifully, literally, paints himself. Kept perfectly, gradually rubbing the ends.

Usually removed, just have to scrub mica.

Swatch. Paint applied in two layers and covered with top.

Looks very impressive, from this Trinity the most, even my husband said (which is unusual).

Very deep allochernes shade coffee itself is fine, but there is also a burning glare and a scattering of purple and green sparks… Impossible to look away…

Masura 940-241 Sparkling Koi

Deep red with copper highlight, shimmer and flakes of mica.

240 only differs from a color base. Behaves similarly.

Swatch. Paint applied in two coats without top. Tops need to cover the irregularities of the mica.

Looks very Christmas-like lights on the nails. Include Association the Christmas tree and all the holidays. Juicy, active, awesome!

Masura 940-243 Kiss in the Tea house

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Base complex smoky color, the official website says — a smoky pink. Red glare, shimmer, and scattered holographic projectors. Unlike previous mica no.

TX similar.

Swatch. Paint applied in two layers. Impresses with its unusual colour, which is ideal cold skin, specifically the summer color type — just the top ten.

Very comparny to wear, not boring, this drew attention to themselves.

The color depends on the lighting, in the cold light goes almost in a dusty lilac.

Brand my nail Polish!

In General, the beauty is breath zahvatyvaet!

The price is 369 per 11 ml.

Rating 5

Girls, how do you?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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