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Brand Masura many on the ear, they produce a lot of varnishes, with follow current trends, not to say that they have completely boring collection. At one time I too succumbed to the hype, bought not that much, but enough, including gels. On some instances I have already told you and almost every post they wrote that dissatisfied with their brush, especially their varnish coatings, often brush, personally, in my instances were slanting curves, rigid and so on. With time and some individual instances, as though it lost its texture… in the end, my interest in the brand is gone.

But are unable to indulge in the lavender lemonade.

I ask you to look at.

So, Masura Lavender Lemonade.

Released by the brand in conjunction with some nail blogger.

The consistency of gel, a little watery, I love it. When painting the varnish is very obedient, never flowing, not floods, falls flat.

In the first layer is somewhat transparent, there may be small bald spots, but the second layer hides all. You can put a third layer for saturation, hue, coverage still looks neat and subtle.

Brush. Here brush, mmm, good.

Smooth, hairs never stick enough plastic, but for my taste still a bit harsh. However, the cuticle is well disclosed, the coating doesn’t scratch. The size reminded me of the brush Zoya.

Color. It is of course attractive and unusual. A delicate shade of lilac with a clear nanodimer pink and blue holographic large enough cereal. Depending on the lighting the Polish colors, shimmers, becomes more full-bodied, quite soft and transparent — in short, interesting.

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The manicure, on the one hand, delicate and discreet, with another — it is clearly visible.

Worn Lavender Lemonade for three days at least, gradually rubbing at the tips.

Removes easily and simply.

Decent instance to draw attention to themselves.

Volume: 11 ml

Price: 350 rubles.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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