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Cosmetics for the manufacture of which is not used a drop of water.

Organic Spanish brand Matarrania. More natural remedies than Matarrania, still need to look.The brand itself appeared in 2007. And was conceived to create a completely natural skin care.

Banks really positive charge.

Matarrania is : 0% water 100% active ingredients; 100% — vegetable oil 100% — environmental plants; 100% hand — crafted production. All the ingredients are ecological and certified. Even for packaging we use only glass and cardboard. Cosmetics not tested on animals. In the composition you will find no mineral oils, no preservatives, no synthetic colors or fragrances.

Packing all means frosted glass. Probably the most stylish, at the same time simple and comfortable. The colors of the jars separate subject of admiration and aesthetic pleasure.

Here are all five of my tools, many have already come to an end.

My skin type — aging, prone to dryness, smooth, without any tendency to rashes and clogging of pores. Always look for powerful moisturizing and nutrition.

Had a good experience using the Dr organic brand.Hauschka

( all told, you can find on the. in the archives of my profile)

Actually the reason why I was interested in Мatarrania, plus affordability.

Will probably start with skin care century, many in search of a good cream for this zone.

MATARRANIA Organic Intensive Eye Cream

“Sun in a jar”

The basis of this cream olive oil first cold pressed.

Its active ingredients are: oil of rosehip seed, calendula extract and chamomile extract, cotton lavender, sesame oil — all of which work for hydrating, firming and nourishing, the result for the delicate eye area.

With a dense texture similar to wax, it really is gentle balsm. Instantly melts at your finger tips. There is a little bit grainy.


Tool unfortunately turned out to be the most ambiguous. The most insulting that at first the aroma of esters of saturated and irritated mucous membranes of the eyes:( watery eyes.

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Used only at night.

Absorbed completely by morning, but I did not noticed at all.

After my pet Sensai Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream, the effect of which I now compare all creams, this balm did not show anything remarkable.

Perhaps it is necessary to persevere for another month, but in my case I see no reason to tolerate the unknown.


Rich in natural ingredients

Cream-balm over the budget, particularly the advantages to include, as a month after opening the smell changes ( preservative for long-term storage here are not supposed to have).

Apply it on the lips, peeling removes quickly and the taste is neutral. Possible and elbows in the winter can get a nourishing care.

30 ml for 16 euros.

And now about the Hit brand

MATARRANIA Organic Anti-Ageing Neckline Firming Moisturiser

Nourishing balm for neck and bust.

The cream provides elasticity and firmness to the neck and bust, such a delicate, but these are subject to aging. Regenerates and deeply nourishes the skin.

Decollete after 40 requires active care, a separate tool I think is not worth buying. Use all facial products.

But here I trusted the reviews and responsibility almost “finished off” a bottle this spring.

The texture is similar to conditioner for a century, literally dipping her finger into the jar, RUB between palms and pressing to the skin of apply the cream.

Sooooo greasy, soaks in the morning provided a small dosage.

I left super happy with this tool because the period of use coincided with abnormally cold weather in Almaty. Bad water and dryness from the cold, was a disaster.

I had dermatitis on my elbows and this balm was salvation.

Just three times it helped to cope with the problem. Also, the skin of the neck and décolleté look visibly more saturated compared to the face.

Remnants:( the smell has changed, but still the jar I’ll finish until the end.

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Recommend it to can for the winter, in harsh climate ( wind and frost).

And again, in the part of the storehouse of Goodies

19 euros for 50 ml.

Also the brand has the range spec.balm for eczema and dermatitis.

MATARRANIA Organic Rose Toner Mature Skin / Regenerating toner for Mature skin.

Almost pink nectar in a bottle

Specially developed for Mature skin with active ingredients from flowers, which provide intensive treatment and antioxidant protection. Refreshes and restores pH of the skin, restores the protective layer of the dermis and reduces wrinkles. The composition of rose oil of Mosqueta one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. The basis of the toner floral water of Damask rose.

I must say that I’m a fan of hydrolat and get great pleasure from these “herbs of Sarawak” in the liquid state. T e a placebo work actively 🙂

With the first bottle was a surprise, after 10 days wonderful rose scent was rancid and I changed it in the store.

It’s one of the downsides of pure organics. You must use promptly.

Light aroma of rose oil, which I added generously. But the texture is very light as a conventional tonic. I used it most often in the morning after a foam. Instantly absorbed. In the photo two phase oil and liquid Foundation.

And here is a noticeable drop of oil

Usually I spray hydrolat, there is no such a dispenser and I just poured on the palm.

Or sometimes in the evening under the oil.

About the effect to say quite difficult. It is not a cleansing product, it is a small “SIP” of utility. Everything in moderation — food, moisture. Not sticky, does not cause oiliness.

I would have it repeated.

100 ml at 23 euros.

MATARRANIA Organic Regenerator & Firming Serum for Mature Skin/ Regenerating and revitalizing serum for aging skin

Organic regenerator and firming serum for Mature skin. The tool is a set of vegetable oils, flax seed, rose hips, wheat germ, nuts and olive oil, especially as more vegetable oils selected from essential fatty acids and vitamins, has a deep firming effect and attenuation of wrinkles. Essential oils of geranium, palmarosa and breed also activate the regeneration of cells to a more radiant and youthful skin.

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Application: Apply a few drops on face and neck, gently massaging the cleansed skin.

Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation (contains essential oil of pure rose of roses)

Contains 23% of rosehip oil, and use preferably at night.

I love this liquid oil serum for my prone to dryness skin, it went well.

The delicate aroma of rose, light texture. Absorbed by morning completely.

Use at night, wet from the tonic of the face. Rubbed in the hands and pressed her hands to face, neck and décolleté.

Makeup as for example oil with black rose Sisley it is not necessary.

Nourishes the skin, what actually I expected.

100 ml 23 Euro

And the last would be an amazing underdog!

Luxurious Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub /Coarse scrub with olive oil.

active ingredientcialis cane sagarmala pepper MetaCafe Orbicamera Olive timemake the sweet middlemass eucalyptus leaves

Really sweet, sweet coffee aroma in the oil. The Bank’s enchanting color and content.

Open trigger finger and catch a solid buzz.

All is good:) But! this is the most stupid scrub that I know.

Large granules do not dissolve, they just fall off in the shower. Bath then had to clean.

Huge banks I had just 14 applications. Handfuls of draw, so as to hold the body on this size of a grain of salt and coffee, difficult.

Oil is good moisturizing, but as a scrub it is not necessary.

250 ml for 25 euros

Like a tonic and balm for the neck, if will be available to buy.

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