Matmarine was effective for oily skin for men


Company Lubrizol has updated information about the ingredient Matmarine (extract enzyme secreted by proteobacteria of the genus Pseudoalteromonas), noting the effectiveness of this substance to reduce pores and control oily skin not only women but men as well.

Facial Shine is one of the main features in determining the type of oily or combination skin. The presence of pimples, blackheads and/or enlarged pores are also common features that accompany oily skin.

Matmarine able to control the level of oily skin, reducing the accumulation of sebum and eliminating imperfections such as enlarged pores and oily Shine. Ingredient reduces protein levels of MC5-R receptor involved in sebocyte – secretory cells of sebaceous glands. The Shine is the result of excess sebum in the epidermis. As soon as the sebum accumulates in the glands, it enters the epidermis through the hair follicles. However, only differentiated sebocyte involved in the production of sebum, and for this reason it is important to regulate the differentiation of these cells to control the final content of lipids.

When testing Matmarine for white males it was found that this ingredient reduces the appearance of pores and improves skin hydration. At the last stage of testing in vivo 31 men with white skin were applied twice a day during the week a cream with 3% Matmarine on one half of the face and placebo to the other. During the first week of the appearance of the number of pores decreased by 10.5% and hydration increased by 12.4%. The ingredient has also provided immediate moisturizing effect that lasted all day. In addition, this substance improves skin density by increasing the synthesis of type I collagen.

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Matmarine helps to improve the appearance of combination and oily skin, keeping it hydrated. Applied in the form of a BB cream, ingredient also showed a matte finish that lasted all day. The active ingredient is the perfect solution for oily and acne-prone skin by reducing excess sebum and prevent skin dehydration.

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