Matte lipstick L’oreal Color Riche Matte 633 Moka Chic Addiction

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You love sudovye lipstick? I’m not really. And the reason is quite banal: it’s hard to find the same shade. But I think this time it worked.

Matte lipstick L’oreal Color Riche Matte 633 Moka Chic Addiction

Color Riche — quite a famous and good series of lipsticks that I somehow for a long time ignored. In addition to purchased shade I also have a red from popular collections of J. Lo, who is currently 2 years if not more. That is, within 2 years I was looking at the L’oreal stand anything, but not lipstick.

But sooner or later everything happens.

Design all too familiar: black plastic with texture “under the skin”. Gold is not very much, but in this case it looks much more silver.

Shade of lipstick — 633 Moka Chic. In one of THEM designated as “velvet beige”.

For some reason I really liked to photograph this instance, so I apologize for so many photos.

Stick in a very sharp drop.

The texture of the lipstick is quite soft, but with the 1st layer will have some trouble. Then it is as if painted, and begins quietly and gracefully glide on the lips. Pigment lip covers immediately, so I still vote for 2 layers.

Of course, 100% matte shade it can not go, because it’s a lipstick in the stick, not the liquid nastyushka. However, the result exceeds all expectations.

To describe these shades is difficult, but I will note that it looked through the same rose note that I’m waiting and looking for all nadovich lipsticks.

As Nodame I have the whole story, I decided to compare this shade with a couple of fairly well-known instances. The funny thing is that the pink on the Cannes red me frankly. So guess here is unreal. Only try, try and try again.

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For lipstick from a stick like a matte lip is a great result.

Talk about lumps. Do not deny that they are. They are perfectly visible in the photos, but they are absolutely not noticeable in life. So for them points are not removed.

Tea, coffee and light snacks lipstick will not be offended. The rest can still throw offense, but not as serious. And all because of the shade that (in my case) is close to the native pigment of the lips. To correct or erase lipstick will not be difficult. And that is what I love her very much.

Lipstick only slightly feel on the lips, but it does not prevent to live or to exist. Lips it does not dry, and that most magical, maybe even gently smooth peeling.

I don’t even relied on her so much hope, because it was a random purchase which turned out in this wonderful story.

In full:

In the collection there are a few similar shades, so if 633 for some reason did not fit, it is not a reason to be upset.

Price: 500 rubles

Rating: 5

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