Matte lipstick L’oreal Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick shade 844

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Good day to all, today post will be about a matte liquid lipstick from Loreal, passing by the stand saw a chocolate collection of, well, fell in love with one of the lightest 844, the product is inconsistent, but because of the color ready to forgive.

Will start with the cons, so the lipstick does not freeze in full matte finish, it is quite sticky, even after several hours it remains such, which should not be when to close my lips, they don’t want to get away, the photo will show. Second, because of the shade of lipstick goes ugly with obvious bright sharp transition, so that the lipstick is beautifully created to stand, and preferably to food not to touch, once the mucosa come.

Now the positives, color bomber, it fits to any makeup and feel like a goddess with him, the second – resistance, it is high, the mucous cannot be counted if you want to remove the lipstick will take a lot of work, a simple wet wipe can’t handle. The next plus is the fragrance, I think not everyone will like it, but I’m ecstatic, really smells like dark chocolate.

Apply two ways for denser coating applicator, very easy, one dip is enough for the entire area of the lips for a more subtle – priklepyvayut movement of the finger, I love both. Most importantly, apply one even layer, it is better not to layer, can get porridge.

Yes it’s not perfect, but because of the shade of forgive her a lot, maybe you can advise something similar, but more successful. Thanks for stopping by, I hope the post was interesting for you!

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Rating 4-

The price is 550 rubles

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