Matte lipstick Matt Magnifique from Vivienne Sabo in shades 210 and 218

Good day to all!

I want to tell you about an interesting matte lipstick Vivienne Sabo brand in two different shades. I love matte lipsticks, and are constantly in search of new, very pigmented and comfortable to wear, and the heroes of today’s post consider quite a good b 🙂

Flacons lipsticks the most simple, the inscriptions are not erased with time, the brush is flat, very soft, medium of convenience, it is typed in quite a lot of funds.

The texture of the lipstick is very light, delicate, like a mousse applied is quite simple and hassle-free, easily distributed on the lips and bumps easily corrected.

But for me, this lipstick is too light, it does not freeze on the lips and never fixed, and so is imprinted and lubricated when soprikosnovenie with anything.

The durability of the lipstick is average, can survive only a light snack, but it can be easy to touch up and lipstick will look uniform.

Shades 210 and 218 for me the characteristics are very different, so left even the tassel of the shade 210 a little more strange, and it is too much means that you can see on swatches. but this is inconsequential fun)

Fluorescent light, on top of the shade 210, 218 lower

Shade 210, I was not pleased, nor the color (I ordered online), no pigmentation.

It’s pretty intense, bright pink, unfortunately it did not come to me, and looks in pretty bad way (like putty), although Swatch of the other girls and they looked quite attractive. Reason is less pigmented than its fellow, and to put it no bald spots you should try. To photos applied in two layers, I suspect that the flaws of this specific color.

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218 shade is slightly more pigmented than the previous, applied a little easier, but still a little plesivec. I used almost all matte lipsticks were applied to the moistened lip balm, blotting with a tissue to make it comfortable.But with this lipstick it is better to do the opposite, apply on completely dry lips, and then they go well. For nourished lips lipstick will go like this, in life, almost imperceptibly, but visible on the macro.

Cool beige in normal light, but under the light of the softbox looks a little warm

218 shade, daylight

It seems that everything is okay, if the lipstick fits well solo, but no, it dries the mouth despite its feather-light texture, and without lip balm and then you feel yourself not very comfortable. Rinse trouble-free micellar water or a hydrophilic oil, tint does not leave, after removal of the lips require moisture.

Overall, I think these lipsticks are good tools for the money, I will try the darker shades, lighter shades definitely not want to repeat, as I have an Arsenal of more comfortable, easy to use and more hassle-free instances (the same as the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream)

Term of use: more than six months

Price: 300 rubles

Rating: 210 shade — 3, shade 218 — 4

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