Matte lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême by Chanel in shade 118 Éternel. My favorite matte lipstick

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Good day, dear readers!

Today the heroine of my post will be matte lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême by Chanel in shade 118 Éternel, which this fall became my favorite matte lipstick.

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême by Chanel in shade 118 Éternel

I invite you to see the lipstick better.

Lipstick came to me after attending a session of make-up from Chanel. I love similar shades and use them often for everyday wear.

The lipstick is packaged in a black cardboard box which has all the information about the product and manufacturer.

Cardboard packaging and the lipstick tube

Sheath means made of matte black plastic and is reserved and stylish.


The lipstick is very compact and does not occupy much space in a purse, its convenient to take with you. Open the tool by pressing on the base of the case. The mechanism works great and protects the lipstick against accidental opening.

Texture means a completely matte, but not dry. Lipstick is well distributed on the lips and with the first layer overrides their natural shade, but, if desired, the tool can be layering. It should be noted that the lipstick does not dry lips. This, of course, a very subjective point, but my lips do not feel any discomfort with this lipstick.

Shade, in my opinion, universal. It is perfect for everyday daytime makeup and at the same time integrated into a bright evening look. For me it’s one of the options Nyda.

Photo of a lipstick stick. Natural day lighting.
Photo stick closer. The stick can be considered a brand name.

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I find it difficult to determine the temperature of the shade, as I wear cool and warm shades, but if you compare with Modern shade 102, shade 118 seems more cold.

Swatch on the hand. Photo taken indoors under natural light.

Next Swatch I did on the street. It seems to me, the lipstick looks brighter.

Swatch on the hand. Photo on the street. Inflicted on the move.

And photos on the lips. The lipstick was applied straight from the stick, very quickly. Also lipstick can be applied with a brush.

The photo on the lips. Natural lighting in the room.

The durability of the lipstick makes me very happy. She endures long talk, does not form white stripes at the junction of the lips or bleeding outside the contour. After a meal the lipstick is a bit dim. The color is not so bright, but my lips still look neat. If desired, color can be updated, causing a new layer of lipstick. I don’t always do it.

And at the end of the post photo of full image with this lipstick:

Term of use: two months, almost daily.

Cost: 2 171 RUB with a 25% discount

Rating: 5+( for a comfortable feeling on the lips)

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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