Mattlover Catrice Lipstick Pen in shades of Bordeaux and So 010 080 Luca Loves Lavender

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Good day!

Today I want to talk about two lipsticks series Mattlover from Catrice, which I originally had placed some hope, but, alas, they failed.

So, MATTlover Catrice Lipstick Pen in shades of Bordeaux and So 010 080 Luca Loves Lavender.

This lipstick pencil, Jumbo twist stick thin is hiding in a plastic case. The cap and the end of the box show the color hidden inside a lipstick, but I would not advise hard to trust him. Below, you will understand why πŸ™‚ the Stick is beveled, which, for me, the usual lipsticks-pencils, as no grinds in vague form.

Cap closed until it clicks randomly will not open, so the risk to purepacket other things in the bag is minimized.

1.2 g/Net Wt. 0.04 oz, made in Taiwan.


β€” despite assurances from the manufacturer about the weightlessness of lipstick, she has a rather dense texture, denser than even the usual cream. She’s definitely not melting;

β€” however, despite this density, the lipstick is quite easy to apply, easy delineates the contour of the lips. But layering in her favor does not go, however, it gives great color from the first stroke;

β€” sweet aroma, but no taste;

β€” finish is not totally matte, Catrice here did not disappoint. Over time the top layer is erased, and the coating becomes more opaque;

– MATTlover Lipstick Pen does not spread, but in the folds of clogged. And yet, alas, falls unevenly;

β€” quite demanding on the condition of the lips, happy to stress peeling is another reason for the uneven coverage. Of course, I understand that the condition of my lips is my problem, but still, not every lipstick will emphasize not the shortcomings;

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β€” moisturizing, but proper care, of course, also does not provide;

β€” the white stripes on the mucosa there, but still lipstick little rolls;

β€” resistance is good, the lipstick rubs off gradually. Five-six hours (and more) without snacking and active conversations can not be fixed, but imprinted on the glass and other things she will.

The line of eight shades, I have two – So Bordeaux 010 and 080 Luca Loves Lavender.

MATTlover Pen Catrice Lipstick 010 So Bordeaux

Beautiful Bordeaux, full-bodied and deep, has clear raspberry origins, raspberry shade and goes after long wear. The cap on the tube definitely has a warmer tint than there really is. That is why I advised above is not so much to trust the color of the cap.

MATTlover Catrice Lipstick Pen 080 Luca Loves Lavender

I’m not good at coloring, but this color really want to call lavender. Or purple of medium intensity. Or heliotropium. Or… don’t know πŸ™‚ interestingly, on the lips it looks lighter than on swatches on hand.

080 Luca Loves Lavender original and very interesting. Of course, it will not fit into every make-up, but this does not become less attractive. If only he applied more evenly…

Price: 400 rubles.

Summary: I really like the shades, but the unevenness of the pavement and flowing into the folds β€” no longer exists, so the Catrice lipsticks Pen Lipstick MATTlover not managed to become my favourite. To put them above three points can not.

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