Mattlover pen Catrice lipstick in four shades

Good day! Today I want to introduce you to four shades of Catrice lipstick from the MattLovers.

Just in the range of 8 shades: most ndovie, some bright. The body of each is similar to the lipstick shade, the volume of only 1.2 grams.

The length of the stick a little more than 2 cm, the photo below is unscrewed fully. Stick evenly cut — easy to apply and paint over the border, even without a pencil outline. Texture — the cream is applied easily.

By the way, I have to say, lipstick, despite the fact that they are from the same line, though a different texture. The smell is light, slightly sweet. With these hints you will get to know today.

The texture of all shades is very demanding, emphasize any flaking very seriously. The color of the lips is transferred even when a thin layer, but at a higher layering looks very unnatural.

One coat in natural lighting and in the back of the room:

Shades by turns from left to right:

1. Mattlover Catrice Lipstick Pen Unexpected 070 Mauve

Cool brown-purple shade. All four of my favorite, easily distributed, it’s not going in the folds and joints lasts a couple of hours without change, but may be stamped on everything it touches.

Dense application:

Applied thinly and distributed for the lip brush (that’s what I wear):

Rating: 5

2. Mattlover Catrice Lipstick Pen 040 ROSElessly Romantic
The worst connotation in my foursome. The color of it is very difficult to describe, it is a pastel pink, webalive.

The texture is the same cream. Spreads easily over the lips, but almost immediately the color develops in lumps. Not only at the junction of the lips, but also throughout the area.

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Rating: 2

3. Mattlover Catrice Lipstick Pen 020 Tomato Red Is Fab

A very interesting shade in natural light looks almost red, but with artificial breaks more orange.
— little falls in folds;
— at the junction of the lips may be collected;

Rating: 4

4. Mattlover Lipstick Pen Catrice 060 Top It With Cinnamon
The shade of dark chocolate and the easily distributed (in the photo below marked “humidity”), not sinks into folds, looks good on the joint. Lasts a couple of hours without any changes.

Rating: 5

The price of each lipstick pencil of about 400 rubles.

Did you like any shade?

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