Maui Moisture Haircare

I like to try products and brands I haven’t tried. But my inner conservative is not particularly scattered, and I love to return to proven tools. But it never touches on the subject of hair care. Never.

Here I always buy something new. And to bring from home a new brand is always a good idea.

American brand Maui Moisture is not known on the Russian market, but is widely represented in the United States, almost in any supermarket or a network pharmacy, you can meet a whole shelf of brand products.

I decided to try the line for damaged hair Heal&Hydrate + Shea Butter in the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Full house so to speak 🙂

Everything is very organic, vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly.

Excellent quality of packaging of all products. Labels “a paper” so firmly affixed that does not deform from moisture in the bathroom. Products do not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, SLS, gluten, silicones and mineral oil.

Another great that shampoo volume 577 ml, and air conditioning 385, the consumption of such a product, such as shampoo, always much higher. With the mask in this case, all very standard — 340 gr.

Maui Moisture Heal&Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo

Shampoo for restoring and moisturizing hair with Shea, macadamia, and coconut oil has an amazing aroma and has a soft texture for a standard shampoo. The manufacturer also says that the product contains a mixture of aloe juice and coconut water, which has beneficial effects on damaged hair.


This set of tools I purchased during the holidays at sea when the hair was already dried the salt water and the sun, so I needed a soft and gentle shampoo that would best soften hair and thus efficiently they cleaned. But with this shampoo I don’t lose. It’s great foam, wherein the foam is very soft, the cleansing of the high quality, but delicate, and the shampoo quickly washed away with running water. After him there was no need to use conditioner, hair is perfectly moisturized, softened and untangled.

After cleansing hair perfectly fit, soft, manageable and smooth. Can generally be confined to the purchase and use of shampoo and do not apply aftercare. Of course here we are not talking about the restoration of the structure of the hair, but they look much better and it has a cumulative effect, although in the back, I the hair the inner souls still cut 🙂

Maui Moisture Heal&Hydrate + Shea Butter Conditioner

The conditioner is presented in a vial, with a volume less than the shampoo and the consistency it very thick and nutritious. After about the end 1/3 of the bottle, it to retrieve the funds we need to shake things up.

The conditioner spreads easily over clean hair instantly softens and smoothes hair and I would even say that it is so nutritious that you can easily compare it with the Express mask for the hair.


After applying the tool, you simply quickly washed away with running water completely, leaving hair soft and manageable, very light, moist, which is easy to style.

Due to the rich and nourishing texture, this product is very economical and consumes three times less than the above-described shampoo. Has the same pleasant scent that is barely noticeable on the hair.

Maui Moisture Heal&Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask

I love hair masks and do them through the day 🙂 I usually have 3-4 products that I constantly change. I have not once said that my favorite hair mask — MoroccanOil hydrating mask and other I appreciate starting from this beloved product. Now, consider that replacing him I still found.

The mask does not contain any harmful ingredients, it is absolutely eco friendly and cruelty free, packaged in a convenient jar with a screw lid and has a nourishing creamy texture and a pleasant sweet aroma.

Masked everything really well. Very little money is needed for a single application. It spreads easily over the cleaned hair even when hair is short and often mask even gets to the hair roots, it absolutely does not weigh down the hair, its use is not causes the hair to lose volume or get dirty anymore.

When I have enough free time, then I put a mask under a towel for 20 minutes, then wash off, sometimes manufacturer’s recommended 5 moments is enough for me in order to have hair soft, shiny, manageable, perfectly moisturized and easy installation. After wash off the mask with running water, a feeling that hair is like something enveloping (oil?) and at first I tried to wash my hair more and longer, but this makes no sense, because after the hair a little bit dry, this feeling completely disappears.


Summing up, I want to say that for a long time I did not make such a big impression hair care. Definitely will try other line of the brand. If you can’t deliver to Russia, you will have to drag the cans out next holiday)

Your Nadya

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