Maybelline Color Drama Lip contour palette No. 01 Crimson Vixen


Year and a half ago or so, maybe a little more — gave on another occasion in this palette. Since then, it lay undiscovered. Can’t tell you why — just do not hand stretched. At the end of the summer I decided it was time to start.

Simple glossy hard plastic, closes securely. To access difficult — would be better with a lever (I open a turn of scissors). The top cover is transparent, there is no mirror. Rear small instruction and composition. The very palette consists of 6 shades of lipsticks, primer and highlighter. All of this stuff at 4 grams, though it looks more.

The shades on the left are assumed to draw the contour, the shades on the right for fill. Highlighter is proposed to be applied over, and all this pie in the primer. For the average user for a long time — I, for example, in the morning, so a lot of time there. In fact, it is not forbidden to wear — in my opinion they are all each other do not differ — neither density nor consistency. The gradient also did not give unfortunately.

Location in the palette.

Lipstick — middling, they are not dried, but is not properly moisturize. So rather retain an existing one. Not flowing and not clogged, but the heat can leak. Demasiada without problems, as applied. Such ordinary, simple maybellines lipstick. Not a fountain, but not at all bad, fit undemanding user. Personally, I flower arranging is not very pleasant — a mixture of warm and cold. I don’t really fit. And even this complicated scheme of application – better alone. Anyway I think that just a single lipstick is preferable to buy only what you like. On the other hand for the novice user palette lipsticks are a good way to pick and try different. Let the colors and marking around one.

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I dream to finish at least one lipstick, I think this palette to finish really, since there are only 4 grams in all. Though not a fanatic about it)

Primer — almost transparent on the lips. Can’t say that prolongs the life, or doing something else. Only slightly less spread lipstick in hot weather. Well, thank you for this. In General, a base for lipsticks I didn’t understand never as hygienicke for them, so let’s leave this question. There is.

1) Classic red shade. Neutral in palette, for me warm. I cold, it is generally not very suitable.

2) Cherry shade lighter texture than red, more mobile. I like this and fit it more.

3) BlackBerry shade. Can sometimes cause problems with baldness, wrinkles and worn runs generally fine, but this baldness is annoying me. On a photo it is visible.

4) Bright red, scarlet even more. I’m not very pretty, but overall good quality.

5) Another with the berry red in the palette that is close to No. 2 in its essence, only less dense and slightly lighter. For me a few goes to warm, so not ideal.

6) Another berry, but blueberry is more shade, more light and agile than a No. 3, too, can flexivity, is rather fluid — sometimes it’s better to keep an eye on him.

Highlighter — the usual creamy highlighter that can be applied not only on the lips. I bistocchi don’t like, so this thing is past. A little pinkish.

All shades of lipsticks with a satin finish, some hints on readkey-readkey shimmer, I see only No. 1, shade No. 2 there is a hint of gloss. Themselves lipstick worn quite well — at the level of all other Maybelline lipsticks (in total I have 3-4 of stick for life, so have an idea). The problems start when mixing and wear on the base — there is some strange mess and uneven texture, and synthetic brush in the composition is not conducive to uniform and fine spray — better than a finger, really uncomfortable and not to draw a fine outline. Uncomfortable reticulation.

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Recommended by the manufacturer is as follows: base 1+4 shades of highlighter. Some crapintosh and generally not very good, I think.

The second option proposed: base 2+5 shades, the highlighter on top again in the center. Also something not too pretentious.

And the last option on the reverse side of the: base 3+6 colors, highlighter on top in the center. Hello, nineties!

I think the palette is obsolete, especially this scheme is applied, because by themselves, the shades still like anything wearable, though, and do not cause desire to wear it immediately, and not come out. In my youth, so 18 years ago, his mother was white-bookcase Dior is back with cuvettes in five shades — there was like a creamy satin lipstick, and translucent topper (this is me now see it, and then I thought this is the perfect lipstick for young and fashionable girls age 12). That’s when it was great and appropriate, fun and original. And now this constructor is somehow not very. Maybe it’s the colors, maybe, but a great desire to wear no. And to tell her I was going for more than a year. The shelf life is still great, by the way. And it sometimes give a gift for the purchase of store opening after which I became the owner of a Korean beauty box from the previous post suggested and the results of such charts. Other shades not seen, may exist.

Cost: in the region of 700 rubles.

Volume: 4 oz.

Use: with the end of the summer, to lay this year and a half.

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