Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Compulsion #55 Taupe seduction

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The case typical of the brand form. For me it is awkward, the lipstick closes tight (a plus, not open), and with one hand it would not open because the lower part is very narrow for a comfortable grip. Even with two hands is not always convenient to open it.

Wall stick rubs. The cartridge design allows the use of the lipstick without any problems, but it needs a little twist, literally millimeter by millimeter. Gets out of the way, too with difficulty, it is a problem of my instance, the tester in the store worked fine. By the way, please note that the lipstick in pristine stick looks darker and brown. The lighter parts where the top coat smeared.

Smell standard, mebilirovki — sweet-specialy feel some time after applying lipstick to the lips.

On the official website of the brand color named “Graz” (grey + beige). Despite the yellowness or redness of a sunburn and my skin has a grey undertone, so the whole Greig is my theme.

In my opinion, Maybelline forgot to mention one more component colors: pink/purple. Lipstick is clearly Pinker than pictured on the website. And in all respects — from the bottle to the label on the bottom.

The color really reminded me of Essence #03 Come Naturally, but (sic!) regarding Essence #55 looks warmer (Come Naturally pink-purple, and this with a beige pigment in the composition) and darker.

Light daninos warm.

For me, the lipstick belongs to sudovym, because when it wears out, I don’t see any difference between the lips with lipstick or without it. Also it is invisible, if applied hammered movements — she is so in tune with my lip color.

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But it is quite dark on the lips, especially on snow white. I from the ranks of snow white came out and moved right on to the second number of tones in the lines (and before me there were darkish and the first).

Color depends on color type and the presence/absence of sun and light. I work on light yellow, and even with some greenish colour – it pulls very mauve component, although just a lipstick day, rather, beige.

I don’t wonder so much detail trying to describe the color, because on all my devices (two computers, tablet, phone) it looks very different, so I have no idea at this moment, you see.????

The color immediately gives a fairly dense, but the volume. Here, in a single layer and three (layering more purple).

From the skin coming out is not so easy, it leaves a light tint. Here I am with the effort I washed the Swatch mitsellyarnoi. Maybe she behaves in the same way on the lips, I can’t tell because of the tint of its uniform and matches the color of my lips.

The lipstick is glossy, so shiny, but the relief of the lips are not smooth, even if applied more tightly. Is not flowing outside the contour, not rolled with white stripes or in the corners of the lips.

Pretty good durability for glossy lipstick — on my lips after 3 hours. During this time few times I saw the water and once the tea sandwich. And, by the way, it is noticeable that there is almost no difference with the mucosa.

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The evening light

The lipstick softens lips, can be applied to dry, and in about fifteen minutes they will be soft, but moisture, in my opinion, if there is, is minimal. While wearing, lip-comfortable, but after erasing they are in the same condition that it was. No moisture and no napisannoi.

If we consider the protective function in the framework of the cold and windy winter, I would prefer something denser.

I like this lipstick:

  • The softening of the lips;
  • Easy application;
  • Trouble-free wear. This is my favorite kind of products, when you can put on the lips and forget: she delicately rubs off very nicely and quietly disappears. With her I’m not worried about rastekanie, spreadings, after lunch.

Close colors (top to bottom):

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream #White Russian (has no gray or purple pigment in their company very warm, but it’s glitter);

Urban Decay Vice Mega matte Lipstick #Oblivion (a little warmer and lighter);

MAC Lipstick Liptensity #Driftwood (now it looks to me more lilac and some smooth lips);

Lime Crime Velvetines #Cashmere.

The lipstick is quite decent. This result was after three days of use though I used it a couple of times a day. Can’t say that it upsets me.)) Not found anywhere else on the package weight, but a little lipstick doesn’t.

I liked lipstick. I love smooth to wear things that you can forget after application.) I don’t care enough, I’d like the level of care at UD or Smashbox, but I’m already dreaming and carp. ???? In any case, lipstick is not just makes my lips worse, but it softens them. Balms has not been canceled in the end.)

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On me.

Price: 550 rubles.

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