Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer #01 Light

About Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer I’ve heard a lot of good, I even had to run. Everywhere available to me in the areas of sales stated 2 colors: 01 Light 02 Nude. Naturally, I chose the 01 Light and it was somewhat dark, not exactly snow white. Later I learned that there are 03 Fair — it is lighter and cooler, in my opinion. Foreign to THEM I do counted 8 shades.

Simple packaging, the concealer is served by turning the red part. The ball is very soft. With all of the testers was greasy, I was afraid that my will be as fast, but I was left with less than half the bottle — bulb is perfectly normal. Remove the showerhead to rinse her off. I tried to resist but she was in no hurry. To work to a system crash, I did not.

The inscriptions are erased and not come off instantly, but fast enough.

The undertone of the concealer yellow, sometimes I even think that with a noble light some greenish colour, but I’m not sure. Here it is compared with My Perfect Cover 23. In reality he was even more pink next to the concealer, but in the photo it pass failed.

Here I applied concealer is greasy and wiped it with a napkin. On white fabric it is generally red.

My eye without anything.

Apply concealer I am always a ball and a thin layer. The size is pretty easy, liquid, apply thin without problems. Feather ball it is impossible, even when it’s almost dry, I always do that with your finger.

Result. Concealer I finally struck a little bit in addition to the first photo. I think he once in the green leaves on my skin.

Closer the camera shows the underlined terrain, but it’s an optical illusion — or rather, a slight light reflection. It is easy, in reality, I have not seen him, believed concealer is quite opaque. Relief could only see in the photo. Also, the more light (you can compare the color of the iris), the lighter area looks like with the concealer.

Here I applied concealer on one eye round, up to the eyebrows.

Relief, even deep creases, like me, the concealer does not emphasize, on the contrary, smoothes visually. I have never travelled, although many instances of me sin in this way. In that application I am not zealous — not crushed, not smooth, just a shade and everything.

The area under the eyes I have never dried, even if I didn’t use cream under it. For ever concealer I don’t put usually, but that time to oily skin it after a few hours roll.

Layering it, in my opinion, indefinitely. At least, it is possible to lay a thick layer and disguise even the harsh Panda. I like this method is not used, do not like the dead of disguise and often go without a tone, just with concealer. Color is not my. While I had light skin, for me it really stood out, I had to apply a lot thinner than I expected, otherwise it was very visible difference in color and it came out green.

I now have a tan and the concealer I can apply more thin layer, otherwise it really lightens.

It’s not matte, it is very decent and very subtle reflections. For example, here I have partially tanned and the color of the setting sun. If on my cheeks, the highlighter, the nose was hastily covered up with concealer (not conspicuous difference between the areas under the eye and the nose) is the reflection of light you see. Thus in reality the nose did not seem brilliant, was not greasy (but powder and concealer were not sealed).

The big expense. I was unpleasantly surprised when after a couple weeks of use (not daily and quite economical, as I prefer a thin layer), I discovered that a third of the bottle I’d already spent. Do not undertake to predict, how fast it runs out, if you use it daily and a dense layer. I think, quickly, and for me this is a significant drawback — I don’t like cosmetic products, which end in a few weeks. That is why I refused to buy Max Factor Mastertouch liquid and Catrice camouflage — they are not even enough for a month (especially the first one, bought the last pack ended in 2.5 weeks, however, it was a hell of a long time).

In General, I was going for the winter to get the lightest color, but if I stay the same tanned, then I won’t need to.

Price: about 500 rubles.

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