Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in shades 15, 25, 125

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Hello! I want to show you my favorite matte lipstick from maybelline.

I am a man who, to put it mildly, does not like frosting matte lipstick. But. works wonders, and reviews on these lipsticks made me buy one… and then another… and another …???? ????

Full name Superstay Matte Ink.

Left immediately after application. On the right froze.

Shades top-down 25 Heroin, 125 Inspirer, Lover 15.

All the information was on the protective sticker, which I have long thrown, exactly, it was written that lipstick suitable for use 24 months after opening. No information except the number and name of the shade on the bottle not.

Th: the Main plus point of these lipsticks, they don’t look like clay and very persistent. Easily applied, thin layer, cover your own lip pigment. Hardens very quickly, you will have time to draw the contour and to evenly distribute the color. On the lips during the day I can’t feel them. Of course, this is a matte lipstick, moisturize your lips, it will not, but I can tell you dry it really is minimal, I can wear it every day. Lipstick coats the lips with a thin elastic film, it is well stretched with a smile, the coating does not crack. The lipstick is super stable, even fatty foods (if you eat more or less accurately) will survive. Peeling may slightly emphasize. The smell is pleasant, sweet.

Make-up remover: bi-phase remover makeup removes lipstick completely wild without friction. Or hydrophilic oil, but at first it may seem that oil is not valid, it is necessary to add water, and already the resulting emulsion cope quite well. Tint after Swatch on the hand remains, but on the lips it is not visible.

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Stickiness. The downside to this lipstick is the stickiness. How do I handle this? I apply the lipstick, wait until it dries to about 80% and pamaciau lips with a dry cosmetic tissue, thereby removing the sticky layer.

The sponge is soft, comfortable, gaining a sufficient amount for one application of lipstick with a thin layer.Top-down 25, 125, 15.

25 Heroin

Red. Chameleonic then warm, then cold undertone. Teeth are not yellow.25 Heroin daylight at the window

125 Inspirer

Neutral pink. Great shade for every day.125 Inspirer daylight at the window

15 Lover

Dark pink with a touch of plum. 15 Lover daylight at the window

Here daylight +warm artificial lighting. Top-down 25, 125, 15.

Comparative Swatch.

1. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink 15 Lover

2. Catrice Ultimate Matt 020

3. Nyx SMLC Cannes

4. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink 125 Inspirer

5. Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous 700

1. Chanel Rouge Coco 440 Arthur

2. Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss 752 Bitter Orange

3. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink 25 Heroin

Rating: 5 (minus the stickiness).

Price: 8.95€ each.

I bought, I conquered these lipsticks, I will take more. Thanks for stopping by. I-Anya????

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