Mental health and genes can cause dependence on tanning

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With the onset of the holiday period greatly increased the demand for the services of tanning salons. This is because on vacation people tend to look perfect from the first day. However, doctors remind that tanning can cause skin cancer.

According to statistics, exposure to ultraviolet radiation in tanning beds has caused 10% of cases of skin cancer in the United States, and, according to the Foundation against skin cancer, the world has witnessed more cases of skin cancer due to tanning than of lung cancer caused by Smoking.

However, for fans of tanning may be an excuse – a genetic predisposition. According to a new study, changes in the gene responsible for the production of dopamine, a vital connection to system of pleasure and reward brain may explain why some people get hung up on the tanning beds.

American scientists from the medical center at Georgetown University collected saliva samples from almost 300 women aged 18 to 30 years to explore five different genes that stimulate addictive behavior, in other words, abuse something, including the services of tanning salons. The researchers also asked participants about their mental health, bodily sensations and habits related to tanning.

The study showed that women with depressive symptoms and modifications in genes associated with reward, are most at risk, in some cases, 13 times more often. Women without symptoms of depression but whose genes had been were two times more likely to develop dependence on tan.

Lead author Dr. Darren Mays is hoped that the results obtained can help the consumers to abandon carcinogenic practice. “Demonstrating that the genes in behavioral ways of compensation associated with the dependence on tanning, we provide more convincing evidence that dependence on tanning is a risky behavior that requires intervention. This discovery was a significant addition to the growing array of data of animal studies in the field of imaging, which was conducted on people”, said Dr. Mace.

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