“Mermaid” – a variation of green makeup with Urban Decay Moondust


I want to show You one of my favorite evening makeup options lately.

The idea of wearing green eye shadows, I always felt a failure, in my case, as I eyed. Green shades of eye shadow I don’t have many and I successfully avoided them until I got the palette from Urban Decay Moondust. Shade #lightyear has not left me indifferent — I especially love the color “green stuff” in clothes. Dare to apply them to the middle of the eye in a typical brown Smokey and… rushed)

Products for I made this up:


Tone Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 shade 01

Concealer Mac Studio Finish nc20

Highlighter Mac Lightscapade, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Blush Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts

Bronzer Benefit Hoola


Primer for glitter — NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer

Palette NYX shadow pallet Lid Lingerie 01

Palette Urban Decay Moondust

Palette Dior #766

The shadow of odnushki NYX #01 Frostbite

Cream shadow NYX in shades 05 and 09

Eyeliner Maybelline black

Gel pencil NYX in color Esmeralda

Mascara Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara


Eyebrow pencil 03 Stellary


Liquid lipstick Maybelline Vivid Matte #50 nude thrill

On moist face I brush struck tone hammered movements. Under eyes and on imperfections caused concealer vtaptyvaetsya movements and immediately podushevoe border.

Powder I do not paint with this tone, as he himself recorded, and the concealer is quite stable.

Tone perfectly covers all the color nuances, but in PMS I still have the occasional inflammation, but I’m struggling with this))

Further, the eye!

On the eyelid apply concealer with a thin veil, give him a few seconds to “cool down” and going matte beige shade from the NYX palette. Then topovye cream shadow apply all over the eyelid at the top and bottom to build the form and primary feather.Therefore, the eye makeup is kept “killer” for a long time even if cream shadow would be applied solo.

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Brown matte palette Nyx in the bottom left corner paint brush, a pencil, hammering in the outer and inner corners and the crease. Also I duplicate it on the lower eyelid.

those brown: bottom left of the palette Nyx the bottom right of the palette Dior

The satin brown shade from the palette Dior duplicate matte brown and then shade border.

Beige color smooth shading around the eyelid.

On the “Apple” of the century put the emerald cream shadow as a base and quickly shaded them until they seized.

I apologize for the nose) and dry Skin after sun and sea.

Color trying to stretch across the protruding area of the upper eyelid, but not reach, the internal and external corners. At the center of the lower eyelid also emphasize the emerald cream shadow and shade of the border in the previously applied brown.

Paint a flat synthetic brush NYX base in “green” substrate.

Brush-pencil gently, but actively, holding the brush at an angle of 45 degrees,or sequins fall off hammered shade Lightyear from the palette Moondust cream on a provisional substrate on the upper eyelid.

The hero of the post

Duplicate this step on the lower eyelid: primer and Lightyear from the palette Moondust.

Podeshevev the same brush with brown shadow to “implant” a green tint in brown.

On the inner corner of the eye first apply with a fluffy brush highlighter Mac, and then shadow-odnushki NYX prismatic bluish hue with a thin brush as an accent.

Draw arrows gel eyeliner and paint over the lower and upper mucous membranes.

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Paint and glue eyelashes.

The center of the lower mucous membrane to stain gel green pencil

Eyebrow draw with a pencil, Stellary by the way, awesome pencil

Add a highlighter The Balm on all exposed parts of the face: under and over the eyebrow, on the cheekbone.

Face dim bronzerat: under the cheekbone and the side surface of the forehead.

just do not forget about the side of the neck

Blush on the apples of the cheeks. All the products on the face shade clean natural brush.

The lip paint liquid lipstick in nudemom color. Such “active” eyes clearly begging for something quieter.

Flashfluorescent sunlightFlash + cool lighting

I hope that was helpful)

Tell me, do you have a favorite evening makeup?)

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