Messenger Christmas mood Sephora Shimmering Face Powder in shade #01 Delicate glow

Cristmas ideas

In search of a special atmosphere of the holiday, I, as never before, was fascinated by Setaram. Now even the lightest makeup is complete without them.

For the hero of the post I was hunting for a few months. Surprisingly, this is now not a new Sephora in my city spread like hot cakes at the fair. And what obrechennye consultants shrugged, unable to find remnants in stock, the more desirable it seemed to me the contents of that black plastic box.

Packing of the products Sephora does not differ special grace, nevertheless, they are quality and reliable. Cover box is lowered until it clicks. There is no mirror, instead — a transparent window through which the visible pattern on the surface of the highlighter.


Product scope: 6,5 g.

The embossing reminiscent of the scales on the surface of the fish tail, but they laid the petal of certain plants, so I think the Association can occur all sorts.

Shade of highlighter in the photo transferred correctly.

#01 Delicate glow is a warm red gold with a scattering of the brightest colored microparticles.

The sun SwatchSwatch in the sun

It is an active product. It not just attracts, and pulls all the attention to himself, so when using I am trying not to be greedy by adding, for example, blush to the make-up looked harmoniously.

The texture of the highlighter is a unique and controversial at the same time. Dry, but if you set your fingers, as if melts under heat, is easily transferred and superimposed. Worse than typed and transferred with a brush — it is rather an option for use in seems to be glittering powder all over the face.

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The dense layer is obtained from the first touch to the skin and absolutely imperceptible.

The individual particles are not visible to the eye. I was able to consider them solely on the macro photo.

Resistance to the substrate on cream make-up remover.

Look in the case?

Without a highlighter. Subtle Shine on the cheeks due to Mixit Second Skin teamcity caused by the highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge and tip of nose, above upper lip. The remainder — around licona cheek. MacroOn the cheek. Macro

What’s important to me — highlighter Sephora Shimmering Face Powder does not sink in very active terrain in the cheeks, or rather, creates a blur-effect, beautifully reflecting the light.

For some, of course, that too. For me — the most it!

Price: about 1000 rubles

Rating: 5/5, I’m happy

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