Micellar water: a pharmacy vs the mass market

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I have since last year in the draft left a few unfinished posts that I need to finish and publish. In fact, one of them is a review of two micellar waters from different categories of cosmetics. Honor of pharmacy care is to protect Vichy — Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One step cleansing micellar solution, and the mass market — Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water — Clean Skin — Micellar water for sensitive combination and oily skin.

Having tried at the time, almost all variations of media make-up remover I have come across micellar water, as the most optimal. I rarely wear waterproof makeup and do not use persistent heavy foundations that require a cleansing oil or creamy textures because the micellar water is enough for me.

Vichy — Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One step cleansing micellar solution

Lately I have started to build relationships with brand products Vichy, but because on the occasion of the promotion 3 for the price of 2 added to cart and micellar water. A lot of it was not expecting, maybe because I was pleasantly surprised.

The water is very soft, has a pleasant fragrance, it is not the pharmacy, has no bitter taste. As you can see from the photo, foam (this is told from her house to the Park), because I have to wash then water, in fact, like all micellar water. The action I am satisfied, for she quickly and gently removes makeup from the face, eyes and lips. For me always important is the eye make-up remover, because this area is very sensitive and delicate. Fortunately, with this water to RUB does not need anything, you just apply the soaked cotton ball, wait a while, and then with one motion to “pull off” cosmetics. If something remains, it can flush away traces with water.

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Of the minuses can be noted a small amount (200 ml), causing the bottle is over I have extremely fast as well as relatively high price when compared with water Garnier.

14.5€цена7/10оценка2 of the month, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin

Garnier — Pure Skin — Micellar water for sensitive combination and oily skin

There was a time when the only good micellar water was Bioderma legendary pink. It was loved by all, praised by everyone and as a result, began to copy also all. I remember I was very skeptical about the emergence of counterparts, including by Garnier, who did not want to even try. As time passed, more affordable and cheap the product is pushed from the pedestal of the original. Now offer Garnier is either 5, or 7 species, of which I have tried pink (all skin types) mini-version, two-phase with cornflower (for removing makeup, an analogue water with cornflowers Yves Rocher), and a blue one for oily and combination skin.

Initially I was afraid to use it on the eyes, as he feared the effect of drying. Fortunately, such problems have no water, because it is completely not dry, though claimed as matting.

The manufacturer claims that to wash it is not necessary, but I still wash as the water foams, and I can’t feel my skin is clean enough after using only micellar. Fragrance-free contains no water, but a light aroma is present, and here it I could call the pharmacy. The water feels slightly more rigid than Vichy, but it does not prevent it well to remove makeup. Taste, too, no, eyes do not sting and does not irritate, as I mentioned, the skin does not dry at all.

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Does it have any impact specially on oily skin? Probably not, at least not that I noticed. As for me, it is a universal micellar water, which is sold in large bottles (400 ml), worth a penny, and you can find in any store right next to the house. That is why water Garnier wins in my comparison, because it is more profitable than Vichy, giving, at the same time, identical result.

2.5€цена9/10оценка6 months, 4P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skinIngredients: Aqua/Water, Hexylene Glycol, Glycerin, Poloxamer 184, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Disodium EDTA, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, BHT

What is your favorite micellar water? Tried remedies of the post? Whether our impressions.

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