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Last year I tried to choose favorites in each category and at the same time saw to it that they were not too much, but this year I decided to act differently: I’m going to list what really got me hooked, was the most useful and used. It was hard to choose, I wanted to include a lot more products, but I tried to hold back. ????

I’ll start, of course, with shadows.

Viseart Palette Vpv04 Theory IV Amethyst.

This palette is completely my colors. I like it that they are all unique, despite the external similarity with many others, vitality and feather. Even beige is not beige, but beige-pink.

About these shadows, I have a detailed post.

Not to paint all of the nuances, I can only say that they are plus a selection of colors, shading, semernya colors, durability.

Price: 40£.

Lime Crime Venus III.

Venus has conquered me, oddly enough, ordinary shades, kolokolchatymi, which I do almost never use. I bought it for violet and glitter, they were not too successful. The glitter dry and almost not transferred to the eyelid, the purple looks pink on the eyes.

But brown rotovisco are my favorites. Actually, as a person, in all charts does not have the ability to use half the colors because of their warmth, I feel happy, because this palette this color only one.????

The price:$ 38.

NABLA Soul Blooming eyeshadow palette.

I’ve been thinking about buying; while choosing, released the third palette, but I decided to buy this about what never regretted (although I feel the situation described above — half of the colors I can throw). However, the remaining half is unique.

I can’t tell you the palette is very obedient; even just planning a post about it, but I can say that shimmer showered and really fly, you need to mold them on wet or sticky base, matte shades are not always well-shaded. With Caravaggio is generally better, IMHO: for a tight color takes a long time to fill, the border on the basis of try to blend, trying to darken the area can bring in stains and holes, but what are beautiful in the color! ????

One drip Honey, Garden Gate, Anemone, Flowery, Philosophy I can forgive everything else because analogs I have not seen.

Price: 3,000 rubles.

MAC Рigment Colour Powder Vanilla is absolutely beautiful!

This year I met a few similar colors — light, like white-yellow gold — vanilla but only a very broad and deep color (which, moreover chameleonic in londokomanana silver).

Can be used as shadow, highlighter with transparent lip gloss — it is beautiful everywhere. But all this is better to read the detailed post.

Price: 1700 rubles.

I also can’t forget to mention shadow Chanel Ombre Essentielle 90 Fauve.

This is an old issue, now these are not for sale (and very sorry), but the shadow of me constantly for the past six months. They are a very interesting color: kind of a boring taupe, but goes to purple depending on the light sources. The tide they have, rather, silver.

There is a separate spark, so looks nice in artificial light. Very easy to apply and blend any brush, finger, sponge included. Goes well with pink, purple and blue shadows, himself creates a pleated surround. The shadow of proof, without a base on my eyelids hold 5.5 hours exactly, on the basis of ignorance.

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Dior Lip Maximizer 011 Pool Blue is my favorite.

From it care is almost the same as my favorite balm, while it is menthol (I love menthol stuff) and blue. Blue balm — it’s fun ????

It is not too evenly, with leaking, but I love him anyways. All details can be read here.

Price: about 2,300 rubles.

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream #Rose Julep.

About this gloss I also have post. I’m still unhappy with the color, but do not buy new, not to throw this.

I really, really love the menthol chill on the lips, and he mentalit just fine. Even so: MENTALIT. And care, beauty and not biting is the price — the same as favorite.

Price: 15£.

Two of the three lipsticks I could move this year, but I will bet on the frequency of use. In the end of last year, moved one — Urban Decay Vice Seismic Lipstick (Sheer shimmer).

I have already almost over, and I realize that for all its abundance of lip products, I will buy a brace. I love the care of the UD lipsticks, but now I constantly painted her before leaving the house, and translucent purple color — my favorite option. Falls not exactly perfect. On my lips this is not noticeable, but even Swatch shows that the layer of uneven. In detail about it read in the post.

Price: 1600 rubles.

The second one I bought not so long ago, but I use it constantly, do not come out Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Compulsion #55 Taupe seduction.

I’d like a little more care, but the color for me is beyond praise: gray-purple-beige.

A very beautiful luster, delicate disappearance — well, she’s my favorite now. More details can be read here.

Price: 550 rubles.

Brush Annbeauty A9.

Before this brush I thought that the entire goat’s worth, plus or minus the same. It turned out that no)) At the moment this is the best brush in my collection. Feather, shape retention after washing, the quality of the hilt and inscriptions — all at the highest level.

I will not paint the details, this is done in a separate post.

Price: about 2000 rubles.

After not too successful brush set for eyes I have not looked at brush Real Techniques, although their faces brushes are recommended by many. In the end I gave the brush Multitask brush cheek, and I’m happy as a clam.

It is divine polishes highlighter allows her to powder my concealer and nose in the absence of alternatives, may cause not too pigmented blush and even some of the base color eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Does not lose shape, not balding, just laundered. Great!

As far as I know, only sold in the kit, so the price does not indicate.

Bdellium Tools 760 Eyes is very thin and narrow brush.

If you compare with a beveled brush or Zoeva Essence, it is the first about twice, and the second — half.

Suitable for drawing jewelry shooter, causing dark shadows in the growth of eyelashes, working out the mucous or draw individual hairs on the eyebrows. Easily washable, holds its shape well, although I’m afraid she will lose it (and therefore laundered my bad))).

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Going to buy a couple more in stock.

Price: a little less than 600 rubles.

Next on the list is great matifying powder Limoni Transparent matte powder.

My year, it is pretty worn and with a hole, the powder is very finely ground, well-liked and like a little blurit the skin, gives a very beautiful effect on the face.

Complete a good soft sponge, it’s important to me in a compact product, because you want to get baked at work, on the road or whatever, and carry with them brushes very uncomfortable. I’m not a mattifying powder, but it had a powder UD, she was worse: the grind coarser, more chalk, no blur.

Price: about 900 rubles.

Erborian BB Creme Nude.

I’ve been thinking about this BB, but then puffed at it for what it is too weightless coverage, I thought that the tube will end in two weeks, and then I got the probe, a sachet that I almost two weeks to use.

The coverage, in my opinion, very easy, nothing to hide, but I’m not embarrassed to go with a naked face, so it does not bother me.

A big plus is that the cream has no wet or shining finish; Arbarian promises the baby’s skin and keeps its promises, in my opinion — the finish result is not a dull matte, alive, but without gloss.

The only negative, a little lightish to me. And the next tone is very dark and very yellow.

Moreover, a dense layer, it looks darker in the distribution of lighter and, if applied beauty blender, it’s even lighter than when applied with your fingers.

Price: 1300 rubles per 15 ml.

Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette.

This palette shimmers / highlighters I have. Can not ripe to write about her post, there is need to shoot al the photos. I’m, like, pretty quickly she has enough, but in the spring of 2018 got it and happy to continue to use it. The palette consists of four shimmers / highlighters blue, green, purple and pink flowers. The colors are unusual, I have some purple shimmers / highlighters, there are blue, NYX in this palette, they are different, complex. Without the sequins, very bright, metallic. They need to shoot in the dark to understand the full extent of the glow ????

Perhaps you can delicately put, but I they always Shine.) Look great as shadows.

Price: 2700 roubles.

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

In detail I described it in post; I can’t call it perfect — it interacts poorly with the shadows Tammy Tanuki, and with other shadow resistance at the time of the approaching day, to not count. But still out of my current set of bases it gives the most stable result.

Price: 2000 rubles.

NYX glitter primer.

Base for the glitter I have for a long time, information about it is in the part of this post.

I bought it as a super base for the shadows, but in this sense, on my eyelids it doesn’t work after a few hours it rolls. But to glue glitter, apply shadow in the corner of the eye or himernye shadows on top of shadows — excellent.

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Price: 700 rubles.

Smashbox Step-by-step countour kit.

All the parameters are not a student: she has a loose brush in the kit, matte yellow, when there is perfect fit would be something shiny, not the cold contour (to tan I was lukewarm), inhuman red bronzer; and this is not new to me purchase.

But for all its faults, I used it in the tail and mane. The light color on the skin is imperceptible, but the sculpture of the face helps to create a bronzer for a bright reddish tan fine went, and sculptor on tan looks quite good. All this is perfectly Blendable, have good pigmentation, but you can safely use: any bright line can be to shade and layering endlessly is not required. As shadows this palette is also good (except the heat)). Price: 3800 rubles.

Rimmel Brow This Way Clear 004 I got as a gift, and already in two instances (both transparent ????).

I have put up that, apparently, no gel not zacheshetsya up my eyebrows growing down — and this is no exception, so I don’t know how he will cope with the hairs. My smooth, locks in hair growth, dries in 3 minutes. The brush is average size, the bristles arranged in a spiral.

What I like about him? Unusual texture. If you compare, for example, gel make-up Art, then that texture similar to a gel (for example), and this jelly like not melting gel aloe. Of course, the tassel remnants of pigment are transferred into the vial, but he does not mix with the rest mass, so all looks well for a very long time. Eyebrows this consistency lends texture. Gel like coats each hair, making it a little darker and thicker, more noticeable. When you finish these, look at the color.

Price: about 350 rubles.

Mascara Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill I was in the miniatures, used two pieces and think of the use this product.

Toad argues that there are in the great state instances, but I liked it very much. She has a great neat brush of medium size (more Cabaret, but less than Dior Show).

It has a wonderful gloss, keeps bending, no spilling, great consistency after opening. Drama-drama she probably will not do (although I have not tried), but from my invisible lashes makes a noticeable separated and evenly dyed.

Price: about 2700 rubles.

Here I have turned the list of favorites. ???? I have compiled a list of care, but post about it I can write only much later, and dekorativku I love.) I want a lot of things, but severely reduced spending on cosmetics, though not intentionally sit on a cosmetic diet. Just the psychological threshold of a comfortable purchase I now somewhat different, and some wishlist are not included here. Includes the rationalist and asks: “is it really necessary? Are you ready to buy this thing for the same amount?”, and often I began to hear the inner “no.”

Nevertheless, I myself in no limit, leave room for spontaneous purchases, but the option “miliavskaya” wishlist me lately especially happy — not those things that I decided not to buy.

And outright losers in the past year, to the disappointment of the Millennium, and this is a big plus!

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