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My top 10 of last year???? in the continuation of the post about favourites for 2018.

Summing up beauty up, I could not avoid the topic of perfume, as it is my main passion and that is never boring to explore: I love to meet new flavors, find new perfume..home, compare, analyze and just enjoy the interesting flavors that excite the emotions.

2018 joined my collection of 25 bottles and a myriad of samples, about 10 of the most striking impressions of this year I want to tell you today.

1) Aedes de Venustas EDP

Aedes de Venustas is a niche boutique, which has existed since 1995 and representing the best niche perfume house. In 2012 he released his first fragrance under his own name, it is called the Signature. Amazing that 7 years later still there are few fragrances so beautifully and authentically plays a note of rhubarb. Aedes de Venustas definitely knows how to surprise, is first introduced to this fragrance 4 years ago and since then periodically floated the idea that I need a bottle???? Only last year it happened.

Bright natural sound “vershoks and rootlets” — then you and the tomato leaf and rhubarb, and juicy tart berries, vetiver to maintain a “green” spirit. It’s sour green, but with a slight sweetness, unobtrusive, but original sounding and energetic. Love it in the warmer time of the year.

This fragrance for women, belongs to a group of flavors shipovye.

Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum released in 2012.

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour.

The fragrance includes notes of Frankincense, vetiver, honeysuckle, hazelnut, Green Apple, Red berries, Rhubarb and tomato Leaf.

2) Masque Milano L Attesa EDP

It is an ode to one of the most valued perfume ingredients – concrete of iris. Masque Milano is a very interesting brand for me. Having tried all their flavors, I can confidently say that they are incredibly high quality and very realistic, each of them brings to mind very specific images, many of them can rightly be called a fragrances the scenery, aromas-still life.

L Attesa struck me in its beautiful, pristine iris, such a beautiful iris I have not heard for a long time! It is cozy, elegant, restrained, noble, but at the same time it is a solo note. Iris buttery, slightly dusty and powdery – all in the best traditions. Also in the composition of the claimed notes of champagne, tuberose, ylang. Champagne adds flavor to the brightness and nature (heard good yeast note), tuberose and ylang sensuality, and the skin at the base alludes to the fact that L Attesa is not so simple and flexible. Flavor cosy, but you want to keep your back straight.

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L Attesa released in 2016. Perfume: Luca Maffei

Group of scents: woody; musky; floral

Top notes: champagne, bergamot, neroli;

middle notes: iris, iris root, tuberose, ylang;

base notes: leather, oakmoss, sandalwood

3) Comme des Garçons Series 5 Sherbet : Rhubarb EDT

Sour, positive, bright. Many rhubarb are associated childhood memories (cakes, compotes, well in the village in summer), and I, as a real child of the asphalt jungle, got acquainted with this wonderful plant is just in the perfume interpretations and fell in love desperately and irrevocably. This is an example of the fragrance category of no brainer and a good summer, and spring (and maybe winter?), unremarkable in this little jar contains a real anti-depressant, which in the first seconds I want to wince, as from a wedge of lemon, and then smile like a child at the sight of a Lollipop

This fragrance for men and women, it belongs to the group floral green.

Comme des Garcons Series 5 Sherbet: Rhubarb was released in 2003.

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour.

Top notes: Lychee, Rhubarb and Bergamot; middle notes: Camellia and Orchid; base notes: Oak and Vanilla.

4) SO UerMi ± Satin EDP

Is just love in a bottle. I’m a big fan of ginger in all its guises. Satin appears in the form of a ginger Mojito with cane sugar, ginger candies, which are at first sweet, and then it happens the explosion of the taste buds???? starts the aroma of citrus on a background of a bit of sage for balance. Very nice and positive. Caution: use leads to guaranteed according to????

SO ± Satin released in 2018.

Group of scents: woody; spicy

Perfumer: Alexandra Carlin.

The fragrance features notes of Bergamot, Ginger, Pepper, Vetiver, Artemisia, Mandarin, wild rose, Flower lemon, Patchouli and Musk

5) A Mare Arte Profumi EDP

A Mare — “sea” Amare “to love”, a small word game, and both interpretations perfectly describe the magic that lurks in a simple bottle, amazing Italian home. Pick any flavor and you will understand what true modern perfumery art, even if aromatic the direction you don’t close.

A Mare is a fragrance perfect beach vacation — hot sand, salty sea air and the refreshing ginger Mojito splashing in a tall sweaty glass.

It is an ode to ginger in all its forms: salt, tart, aromatic, spicy, fresh.

A walk along the coast at night when the vacation is coming to an end and I want to enjoy the sea as long as possible. So I could smell the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza, where inexorably approaching dawn, slow music playing and just want to forget that everything will end soon. Relaxing, but sparkling with flavor, a breath of fresh air under the scorching sun.

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This fragrance for men and women, it belongs to the aromatic spicy group.

A Mare released in 2013.

The fragrance features notes of Ginger, Cardamom, Musk and Tonka Beans absolute.

6) Naomi Goodsir Iris EDP Cendre

Last fall flew by under the auspices of the irises, and he was my faithful companion.

Starts almost tangible bitterness of orris root and gets soft dryish aroma of leather and tobacco.

Naomi Goodsir is one of the few perfume houses to which we apply the hackneyed term “niche”. The best perfumers, the primacy of the idea over the desire to snatch a piece of the market, but more. This perfume does not need publicity, she falls into the hands of those who seek it.

This fragrance for men and women, it belongs to the group of Oriental floral.

Iris Cendre released in 2015.

Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet.

Top notes: Floral notes, Bergamot, Tangerine and Spices; middle notes are iris, Incense and Violet; base notes: Labdanum, Tobacco and Ambergris.

7) Olfactive Studio Lumiere Blanche EDP

For the first time in the history of the press release is so precise that I have nothing to add. But I’ll try to describe the impressions from the aroma.

After this fragrance I fell in love with cardamom????

This foggy liquid in a bottle combines two opposites: a cool clean sound and warm spices like tea masala.

He seems aloof, but attracts cozy and soft sound, I can clearly hear the cardamom and star anise, creamy musk, tartness and a slight hint of pharmacy travjanisto in the beginning.

When the fragrance settles, the first thing I remember is the smell of leather when you hung out at the beach a couple of hours, you are already worn out, the sun is high and blinding, to just stay in bed, but you need to go into the shadows, otherwise you run the risk of burn

Lumiere Blanche released in 2012. Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur

Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur

Group of scents: woody

Top notes: cardamom, Cinnamon and Star anise;

heart notes: iris, Cashmere wood and Almond;

base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, White cedar and Tonka bean.

8) Mona di Orio Bohea Boheme EDP

Mona di Orio is one of the figures in the perfumery world, which upsets my already anxious heart: a joy to know her business continues talented perfumer, who has kept the brand’s DNA, making any author’s vision.

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Marvelous smoky tea, in the spirit of Mona, sounds green, spicy, bright. The vetiver here only supports elastic aromatic camp. Intoxicating herbs, assembled by caring hands, crackling fire in the woods and the aroma of the herbal chamomile tea from the thermos cap

Bohea Bohème released in 2016.

Perfume: Fredrik Dalman

Group of scents: Oriental; woody

Top notes: bergamot, cardamom, iris, chamomile, poplar buds and catkins;

Heart notes of fir (Canada balsam), boxwood, geranium, black tea Wuyishan;

Base notes: juniper, oak moss, sandalwood, beeswax, Laurel, benzoin, vanilla.

9) Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Patchouli Intense EDP

Obsession with flavor, you ever get that? My first time was a nightmare… some days couldn’t think about anything but him. As if in a dream back in the small perfume butick in Prague and almost from the threshold of his owner guessing what flavor I have come. I just couldn’t help it.

This fragrance BREATHES, he lives together with you, fills the air. Green and bitter, my alter ego, helps to gather strength and to go ahead. Our love only grows stronger with him. As the name implies, the fragrance is dedicated to patchouli, the dominant note is backed by a strong base of oak moss, balanced with lavender and geranium. The fragrance in the spirit of the old school

Patchouli Intense. This fragrance for men and women, it belongs to the group shipovye.

Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai.

Top notes: Lavender, Geranium and Orange; middle notes: Ceylon cinnamon, rose and Patchouli; base notes: Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla.

10) Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Cap Neroli EDT

Frankly, with aromas Patricia, I met the “wholesale” this summer (we have a brand not represented) and bought 5 flavors and I don’t plan to stop there???? Two of them are in the top 10, the other three also wear in a heartbeat

A stunning citrus perfume released in 2018, Patricia de Nicolai for their own brand. At first it seems a little soap, as often happens with neroli, but sits deliciously melocotones bouquet with a distinct sweetness of orange blossom, tart orange rind and herbal accord. Summer perfect, the autumn is still stretches a hand.

This fragrance for men and women, it belongs to the group of floral.

This new edition: Neroli Cap released in 2018.

Perfumer Patricia de Nicolai.

Top notes: Petitgrain, Orange, Mandarin, Rosemary, Mint and Bergamot; middle notes: Neroli, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine, Orange blossom and Gedion; base notes: Oak moss, Musk and Vanilla.

. — Not a specialized perfume online, but now I know that they were not.rotated here a lot, I hope my post was interesting for you????

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