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Favorites cosmetics I wrote the post, it will be a belated post about skin cosmetics. Here I’m not going to choose favorites from each category of care, I will describe the most used and most impressed me the products.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

I’ve been thinking about how to try this lotion, but somehow never got around to buy it. Since then, however, as I purchased it, do not let go: it gives a great basic/additional moisturizing, quickly absorbed, enables the layering works on any skin.

Honestly, I use it on hands and body, and the cuticle separately. The consumption is minimum, on the face of relatively few drops can be applied in layers until the previous absorbed. Absorbed lotion for a couple of minutes, and its effect I felt from the first application.

Price: 700 rubles.

Joico K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor and Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator.

For hair I just have not found anything better than these two products from the Joico K-PAK. I have written about this overly detailed post, so I will not get involved in descriptions of funds.

I can only say that it is the means that really restore hair.

Of course, not forever, then the funds are washed, the hair subjected to aggressive exposure, that is once and for life not to restore. But the effect is cumulative and quite long.

I buy these tubes for the second time, each pair of tubes is enough for me for a long time. Then I make a break until satisfied with the condition of the hair.

Price: about 1300 rubles for each tube.

Joico Moisture Recovery Leave-In Moisturizer for dry hair.

Since writing the post about the spray I had to try a few others, but in the end they were completely useless and can’t compare with the Moisture Recovery.

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In the end, I spat, again bought it and absolutely happy because it moisturizes them not to overdo it, it can be applied to the roots at the scalp to Wake up with a greasy icicles I failed.

Price: about 1200 rubles.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+.

About the balsam (which is the texture of cream) I also have post.

In short:

  • it is suitable for dry to very dry skin, but combined with it not getting worse;
  • suitable for face and body copes with certain types of dermatitis;
  • great fights itching of any origin;
  • recommended for atopic and Allergy sufferers — and generally excellent and well done.

Now I have purchased in the container of 400 ml, and it is very convenient: a great dispenser that can be locked/opened with one hand, the tool will from the beginning of the depression, so it’s easy to do the jewelry portion.

Price: about 1800 rubles per 400 ml.

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisture replenishing lip balm with blue lotus.

My Holy Grail for lips. Six months ago it was rereleased in new packaging and even managed not to spoil it.

Balm not natural. With the basis of his liquid paraffin. Thick and dense, sticky, like lip gloss that looks beautiful on the lips and saves me from all troubles for the third year (if you put the total last version and the current). Perfectly protects lips, well-kept overnight (longer is on the lips and lasts longer), but most importantly, it has a cumulative effect. It is not necessary to use a 100 500 times a day all my life.

More details can be found in the posts: the first about the old version with a more detailed before/after (I think it is possible to refer to it because an updated version of the act, in General, as well) and the second about the new version (where you can see the composition).

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Price: 1600 rubles.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster.

These drops, might be attributed to the decorative cosmetics, because it is a bronzer. But not alone, and you want to mix with the cream.

Acts very gently, one might even say, quietly. Leaves no streaks (you can use even with a water texture type of lotion), delicately layered, delicately washed off, a little smell of tanning. I love these tools that do not require constant monitoring ????

Price: 1,700 rubles.

Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam.

Wrote about it in detail here in this post. To me she still like me again her miniature 50 ml, which I done, and another one is in stock.

I do not use grids, so use it in large chunks, and it still goes a long way. To me it is well cleanses the face, rinse well.

Price: 3900 roubles.

Refreshing tonic for normal and combination skin Black pearl.

So I placed the order to apologize for the mistakes in one of the shops. I have a suspicious attitude to the brand (and don’t remember why it was formed), so I wasn’t even going to use it, wondering what to do, but decided not to be a snob and try… This is the third bottle. Or the fourth?

Every time buying a bottle, I was going to write a post about this tonic, but every time I find a situation like that. Thought that with the next bottle I will write this post. ????

Toner does not dry the skin at all, and even slightly moisturizes it. In the summer generally elegant product is perfectly refreshing face better cleanser! He has great cleansing properties, it can remove makeup easily and naturally, and with only ink it is necessary to Tinker a little longer than mitsellyarnoi.

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In General, for me is a great versatile tool for pennies.

Price: about 150 rubles.

Mask Japan Gals.

In the photo I have other masks, with the placenta, but I liked all the masks from this company (I tried until three in all), really liked the mask with collagen (wrote about them post with clear photos), but excellent all the while was not disappointed.

This is the first mask that I first saw real visual effect.

Price: 550 rubles for a set of 7 masks.

Holika Holika Essence Mask Sheet Pure Damask Rose.

From more simple masks and without such a pronounced action I like the mask Holika Holika with rose (did not like with Shea butter). I was sure that long ago you wrote a post about them because I use them very actively, but never found among his publications ????

First, the mask itself is very cool, with subtle, comfortable, fits so that it looks like a second skin. And for all its subtlety it is durable and does not tear.

Second, the mask perfectly nourishes the skin. Moisturizing fine, but the food did not disappoint. However, it is not greasy, brightens the complexion, does not feel overly thick and heavy.

For me it’s like a regular godovoe tool, and SOS help. Use it in both summer and winter, to regenerate the skin after aggressive wind, frost or sun. And all other seasons use just.))

Price: 100 rubles.

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