Mintel: coronavirus will affect the business trends in the beauty industry

According to analysts Mintel, on cosmetic products, which are considered to be preventive and safe, will sharply increase the demand during the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus.

The ongoing global pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) have influenced the world in many respects and significantly changed the behavior of consumers, the formation of buying habits, priorities, spending, and engagement with brands.

Rashida Khan, Deputy Director, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, noted that the beauty industry has also seen significant changes. “In the beginning of the outbreak we have seen how consumers use the strategy of protection and prevention in the sector of personal hygiene, tending to conduct that they will adhere to during the regular season, cold/flu,” said MS Khan in his recent blog post. She also noted that disinfectants for hands and tools to relieve pain sell out fast, and immunity-boosting vitamins and supplements. Also from the current situation has benefited manufacturers of soap, with guidelines for washing hands and calls to adhere to the principles of hygiene and cleanliness.

Claire Hennigan, senior beauty analyst at Mintel, said that in connection with the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus has also increased the demand for safe and reliable products. “COVID-19 impact on how consumers approach the cosmetics and personal care products, especially when it concerns the safety of ingredients, purity and shelf life”.

These changes in consumer priorities and habits ultimately affect the entire cosmetic industry. In particular, products for hand care, associated with improved sensory profile, will be more in demand in the coming weeks and months; especially those disinfectants for hands that are not dried skin or not only possess disinfecting properties, but also moisturize the skin.

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According to senior analyst of Hennigan, “an unprecedented impact COVID-19” will have an obvious impact on “the evolution of pure beauty” – category, which “has consistently evolved to meet the needs and requirements of consumers.”

“What started as a trend to primeneniyu natural ingredients, turned into a movement that includes elements such as security, transparency, reliability of sources of raw materials and production practices,” said Hennigan. However, consumers of natural products that have shunned preservatives and artificial ingredients, shifted the priority towards the storage stability of and adherence to the rules of sanitation, said the analyst. Now the buyer more willing to accept these ingredients, considering the proven manufacturers efficacy and safety of products from the point of view of health benefits and the environment.

The emergence of a new coronavirus even more confirms the idea that natural is not always better, especially when it comes to the safety of ingredients and the expiration date. According to research by Mintel, increasingly, consumers agree that “clean” makeup goes bad too quickly. Its future will depend on safe synthetic ingredients that will help to increase the shelf life.

COVID-19 is the catalyst for this movement, as brands face greater pressure to ensure safety, longevity and efficiency. To avoid distrust, brands should inform consumers about the benefits and stability of synthetic ingredients, while providing certificates of quality, confirming the safety of the product.

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