Missha Series Care Misa YEI Hyun

My skin after long tossing in the choice of products was tired and heterogeneous, and from the stress of office life was dehydrated and had underlined wrinkles. So my goal was to find the tools that would have filled my skin with hydration, nutrition, as well as to introduce an element to your SPA treatment for relaxation and distraction from everyday problems.

After a brief search, I opted for a series of Yei Hyun stamps Misa from Missha. This series attracted me with its air-floral design in Asian style. I always like it when makeup looks beautiful, use of these products twice as nice.

So I decided to try to use three tools from the same line and watch how the funds complement each other. Usually when you buy a series, you do not need to think what to combine and what works better, the main thing — to define the main purpose of the funds.

A series of Yei Hyun aimed at combating the skin aging, contains natural ingredients, due to which is designed to restore skin life and energy.

But let’s start with the packaging: this is a very heavy glass bottle is very beautiful shape. Cover plastic, but not nearly as seeming cheap. The details are all worked out, using the tools in this package have a very positive effect on mood, feeling noble and dignified to treat myself.

The scent is a bit grandma. Roots, mushrooms and butter black pine clearly give a bouquet is not for everyone. For example, I find it a pleasant Oriental notes, however, the husband can not get rid of the associations with my grandmother.

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The General opinion about the series I will show below, but first would like to describe separately each medium, specifically, what function has each of them.

Toner Missha Misa Yei Hyun Toner:

Lily-livered water, which leaves no sticky feeling. Use toner with Korean cotton pad after face wash. It is very pleasant to spread on the face, it is absorbed fairly quickly. The main purpose of this tool was for me filling the skin with moisture.

Price: 1210 RUB

Period of use: 3 months

Rating: 5

Essence Missha Misa Yei Hyun Essence:

A little saleena the water that is quickly absorbed, but the small feels sticky feeling that is still there. The effect of this means I noticed the active content of skin beneficial ingredients. This is manifested in improved blood circulation, that is, your face becomes rosy and alive (with no burning sensation or similar reactions), then it seems more fit (but please do not miss the word “seems” — you never know).

Price: 1395 RUB

Period of use: 3 months

Rating: 5

Emulsion Missha Misa Yei Hyun Emulsion:

Easy creamy texture of milk. Emulsion perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin. Perhaps this is the effect that I can compare to a baby’s butt. Great tangible effect in that the tool itself is pretty easy feel. I love him a face massage, then your skin and does begin “baldet”.

The disadvantage of this tool specifically considers the absence of pumps, as it is though molokoobrazovanie tool, no idea how I’m going to tap out at the end of use.

Price: 1675 RUB

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Period of use: 3 months

Rating: 5

To understand the effect of each tool, I set a small experiment. For some time excluded from care one. And as you can see from the description of the funds above, no tonic no sense of deep hydration, even if the effect of softening of the emulsion is. Without essences I don’t feel completeness of care. It turns out that tonic water gives the hydration, emulsion softness to the skin, and essence adds a certain pinch of extra care, which is particularly needed my tired skin.

I in any case use all three stages of the treatments (toner, essence, emulsion), but the combination of these funds from one line was for my dry (sometimes combination) skin suitable for spring and early summer. Maybe for the winter I would have bought the cream, but the weather conditions (hot, rainy and cool) is enough for me these three steps. Autumn will also be perfect. Except on hot debilitating summer I would have chosen something easier (especially in terms of flavor).

After using this series every day (sometimes at night used other means), I realized that on the face, no rashes, no creases. Although I have often happens that anti-aging cosmetic products my skin can react with pimples.

All the tools have very good volume and enough of them for a very long time. I think almost six months you have daily care. I’ve used these products for 3 consecutive months often twice a day and so far, only essences I feel that maybe somewhere towards the end of the tool.

Autumn is around the corner and I can safely recommend to you a series of Yei Hyun at this time of year.

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I wish all good mood and the opportunity to pamper yourself by any means

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