Mitten for the peeling of organic linen and cotton – massage washcloth Forster’s

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Of the positive effects on the skin of the pads of linen fabrics I know for a long time and long enough buy sponges made from natural materials, but usually sarays to choose harder.

I already had a mitten from the brand’s Forster’, but from flax and bamboo, and it was bilateral, with a fairly rigid bamboo side.

Her life is already beat up, so I decided to try and second sponge-mitten, but from flax and cotton. It was too soft, but I found her super-duper application.

By the way, for those who like it rough, and has been practicing massage with a dry brush, the brand has just bomber brush — wrote about it here

Well and who for the tenderness and softness, this bath sponge.

It is made in the form of mittens, wrist fits comfortable elastic cuff. The sponge is well kept in the hand does not slip.

Dry nappy and she seems even a little harder, but when wet immediately softened, and just stroking the skin.

It can be used both in dry and in wet form.

Shower gel or soap foam on it, the foam lasts longer and whipped into a three-dimensional foam. She gently massages the skin, but for me it is too soft.

But I like this scrubber is perfect in the sauna. I go to the bathhouse regularly times a week, and seen sometimes as girls, sitting in the steam room, stroking the skin with special mittens, I decided to try her because in the sauna still hard sponges are not very go at the steamed skin. If you do dry massage, then before entering the hot temperatures, dry massage with a stiff brush — this is skin preparation.

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And this mitten gives neat easy polishing peeling. Well, at the expense of the linen strips (they are slightly tougher) is very accurate get a massage. With steamed skin dead skin particles generally excellent roll, and that it very gently exfoliates without damaging the skin. Then of course in the wash is necessary.

Conveniently, the sponge can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees. And usually just washed it, and most importantly well give it to dry, because the natural materials. and so it will last much longer.

This washcloth from me for 3 months, but practically it is not done, some of the fibers and strings sticking out, but not critical.

Price: p 800

Rating: 5 (but I put objectively in composition, durability, properties, softness-hardness, as this requirements are different)

Period of use: 3 months

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