Mixed opinion about the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in the shade Voyager 50

Good day, kosmetiktasche!

Today I want to talk about the super resistant matte lipstick for lips Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink in the shade Voyager 50.


This is not my first experience in using matte lipsticks, but, unfortunately, as the previous sad. Choosing lipstick for a rich, dark shade for the winter (under a winter hat was perfect). At the time of purchase about the range Super Stay Matte Ink I have not heard anything.

Brought the tube home and started wool the Internet for the public attitudes to these lipsticks. The public of the lipstick is quite satisfied, and I was upset, about what I will write below(

Packaging and applicator:

Neat white-red tube, red part is made to match the lipstick. On a white cap at the top caused the tone of the shade.


Unscrew easily, without effort. Inside a good limiter, which leaves as much of the means on the applicator as needed. The applicator is teardrop shaped, convenient to use, easy to contour, but I use the old fashioned pencil and lip brush.


The product has a creamy smooth consistency. Well-pigmented.


I really like the pleasant aroma, smells like something yummy, I could eat)))

My impressions:

In the pursuit of firmness and pigmentation is lost other important properties.

It is easy to use, leaves no bald spots, but I stress all the peeling, as with all matte lipsticks.

Lips Nude

It does not always work smoothly applied on the contour, but it is a problem of the user’s hands)

Immediately after application

Hardens quickly, but still felt the stickiness.

Lipstick “sat”

And if you are at this moment will be the lips, then cover with the top lip will stick to the surface of the lower lip, and Vice versa, will remain bald spots and no layer of lipstick will not save the situation. It will be necessary to remove and apply.

BaldnessOn the lower lip is clearly visible on the scale of the tragedy

Removed more or less normal olive oil or hydrophilic, in the folds no choice, but have to sweat.

— good pigmentation;
— high resistance;
— the cost;
— convenient applicator; dry lips;
— bald spots appear at the closing of the lips;
going pieces;

Yes, this lipstick will last 24 hours, but for me it is very uncomfortable on the lips than you would have before you use moistened lips. It’s dried to raisins or dried apricots.

Despite the fact that the pros more than the cons, this lipstick more I won’t buy, and your decision will be for you)

Girls, tell me, has anyone tried these lipsticks, please share your impressions?

What a comfortable matte lipstick can advise?

Thank you for your attention)

7$price5/10оценка1 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens

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