Moisturizing lip balm on the gold tip or Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil No. 28

Why number 28? Because so many of the oils included in this godovogo balm with anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Oh, by the composition difficult to pass, and when it offers such a respected brand like Hourglass, not impossible. Oh, and original gold-plated tip. Well, no, it should be taken.

Very cute and stylish kind of packaging. The unusual shape of the tip and the push button dispenser that allows you to get as much balm as needed.

The position of the button, as well as the shape of the tip, resembling the shape of a stick of lipstick.

The tip is coated with gold, and therefore has antibacterial properties, plus pleasantly cools the lips when applied. Also, it glides and spreads the lip balm exactly where it is needed.

The balm is pretty thick substance. In the photo, I squeezed it much more than is required for application to the lips. So I can talk about a very economical.

Will elaborate on the characteristics of balm.

It is thick, sticky and viscous, like honey. But! When the application starts to melt and lay down a thin layer. After applying, the stickiness disappears and on the lips it is very comfortable. It is noteworthy that it creates a protective layer that stays on the lips longer than the regular balm. Three hours later I can still feel his protective presence on the lips. The taste of it is not, but the flavor is there. For everybody. Such grass-pharmacy. I don’t like. Fortunately, I feel it is a very short time.

Composition with obedennyj oils:

Applied on lips, dividing the tip. It’s amazing how such a solution provides a very hygienic method of application.

This gloss on the lips is about 1.5 — 2 hours. Then it fades, but the balm still on my lips.

Volume: 7.5 ml

Production: USA

Price: 2900 roubles

Rating: 5

Follow-up. The hair balm gives great hydration and nutrition, for which I forgive him for me not the most pleasant aroma. On the lips is very beautiful and it is possible to do without lipstick. Hair to lips not priceput. You can apply without a mirror, you still get gently.

I use 5 months for signs that he ends up not watching. Stays on the lips longer than the rest of my care. So I plan to buy it in the future, instead of balm La Mere that I had so far.


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