Moisturizing lip gloss NYX Butter Gloss – Praline 16

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All the big beauty Hello! 🙂

Slowly but surely approaching my most beloved time of the year and I slowly acquire acquisitions for a given time. The hero of the post just is included in this list when we met him at the corner.

NYX Professional MakeUp Butter Lip Gloss in shade Praline 16.

Well, in General, our love began not trivial: with smell. The sweet smell of warm caramel firmly etched in my memory, I appreciate any. Give a listen to all my friends, many have got the same. This is the fragrance that will warm the cold autumn days, I hope that in autumn I finish it, as with any time of the year I have more not associated. The word scent is unobtrusive, evaporates in just a minute (or becomes a mother).

Making everything the same for this series: high-quality plastic bottle with a tightly stuffed inscriptions (do not erase). Cover repeats the color of the bottle. In General, nothing special, but pleasant to the eye. On the bottle has it all: composition (mineral oil are not confused, the rest himse nothing godovogo not see), expiration date (2020, in my case of course not live), quantity (8ml), country of manufacture (United States).

At the bottom of the bottle is a sticker with number and name of shade.

Composition (for those who know).

The sponge is plump, fluffy but firm. Dials the number, which I have enough for one lip. They outline the contour is not difficult and on the go (good also the color allows). The limiter is also of good quality, gives out as much as you need, not hoard a product, nothing is running, you can safely put in a bag and be confident that nothing will get dirty.

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Visible to the reliability of the limiter.

Texture cream-gel, very pleasant, confidently holds the circuit without auxiliary means, have not leaked and are not stuck in the creases on the lips. A little sticky, but discomfort it does not deliver. Lies like a stiff, very comfortable, I would direct said enveloping lip product. Absolutely not lubricated.

Color -Nude clear water. Let’s just say brown Nude. The product of a series of “your lips, only better”. Really smoothes the relief of the lips, making them glossy, sensual, filled with. The extra volume is really visible. And so with my big lips looks certainly impressive.

In the sun.

Durability is quite normal for product of this category. At me about one and a half hours in its original form, then an hour, gradually descending. As a result, the lips look well-groomed and nourished.

I think that this gloss will suit every girl. Have not tried to apply it over lipstick, but in General it’s not mine, I do not like any kind of coating. Solo this product in itself is beautiful. All songs of autumn morning laziness will be him, not otherwise.

Add a couple arrows a minute and to run some errands.

Along the way, uploading a selfie to instagram 😉

Period of use: 2 weeks;

Price: about 600₽;

Rating: a solid 5 (or repeat a sample of other colors optional).

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