Moisturizing lipstick from Cle de peau Beaute in shades No. 1 Bamboo and No. 11 China Doll

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Some time ago a famous Japanese brand Cle de peau Beaute released a new line of lipsticks. The review is devoted to two representatives of this line.

No. 1 Bamboo

The lipstick is enclosed in a beautiful metal case in the traditional brand colours: dark blue and gold. The logo on the side of the box and on the top cover. The view is spectacular. But most of all attracts the attention of the stick.

In my opinion this is the most beautiful stick of lipstick I’ve seen. Creating the shape of the stick, the manufacturer sought the most accurate and easy application. But from an aesthetic point of view, this form of incredible. On the side of the stick is also engraved with the brand logo.

With this form for the application? Definitely Yes, at least to abrasion, it allows you to apply lipstick.

Shade Bamboo Ludowy, neutral and universal. So he flew ahead of the others.

Swatch in different angles.

Look at the lipstick on the lips:

Lipstick applied without a pencil outline is made by the stick.

Me the color I bought and liked the small Rosolini.

The manufacturer has promised deep color and exceptional lights combined with a moisturizing formula. In fact, the lipstick is really thick, pigmented, completely covers the lip color. Incredibly creamy, melting but not flowing. At the macro shows that there is not even a hint of leaking in the lines. No and flowing in folds than usual sin here such bright shades on the lips with a good own pigment. Lipstick the same evenly covered terrain of the lips. Lights is certainly a remarkable, almost a mirror, reflecting the light.

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The lipstick is very light and gentle perfume to me is very pleasant. Lipstick lasts about 2.5-3 hours (depending on the condition of the lips, as the drier the lips, the faster it is absorbed). Goes nicely absorbed, starting from the center to the periphery. Luster does not tarnish. Has impressive moisturizing properties. Ie lipstick not only comfortable feel on the lips and hides all the peeling and disadvantages of care, but also provides prolonged moisturizing effect.

The impression that I’m not decorative lipstick and made a mask for lips.

No. 11 China Doll

The second shade is more bright. Such a noble, autumn and spectacular.

Don’t know about you, but I stick on this stick.????

Swatch in different lighting.

On the lips:

Beautiful, rich, propylene-Burgundy color lipstick with very bright luster.

No leaking at the office, that is the trouble with bright shades. For the application requires no pencil, lipstick precisely and easily applied from the stick.

In TX the tint is not different from the previous one. I tested a few shades and to me they also thought the same, which is nice. As it happens that lipstick in the same line differ depending on the shade. Even in this brand is my favorite line of lipsticks in a long box this is a mistake.

Two shades next:

Bamboo on the left, to the right, China Doll

Compare the two switch.

Bamboo on the left, to the right, China Dollon the Left, Bamboo on the right, China Doll

Comparison of lipsticks in a General way.

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I don’t know which I like more. Harmoniously fit both.China Doll is on the left, Bamboo on the right

Volume: 4 grams (thanks to the Japanese, not greedy)

Production: Japan

Price: 3,000 rubles (sorry, don’t remember the exact value)

Rating: 5

I really enjoyed these lipsticks, delighted with their quality and shades are just wonderful, what I wanted. I really hope that this line of the brand will be a long time, as it clearly surpassed all tight lipstick Cle de peau by uhodom components, and mirror finish.


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