More gold! How to celebrate in 2019

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According to the Chinese horoscope, we will celebrate the year of the yellow pig, or ground wild boar.

According to tradition, the pig is considered extravagant, but with a great sense of style. She does not agree with the excessive pomp and pomposity, and closer to the elegant simplicity that emphasizes individuality.

The easiest way to obtain good luck for the entire 2019 is the choice of attire and the decor of the room in colors that will appeal to the yellow pig. The first clue gives himself the symbol of the year – you will approach all shades of yellow, gold, brown, green and any colors natural palette. To combine in your outfit all the colors that you like, the earth boar, don’t you limit yourself to one or two, do not be amiss to add a little color. It can be massive decorations, belt of colored leather or bright shoes.

If you prefer to celebrate in a dress in the style of Coco Chanel, don’t worry – you’ll like the hostess of the year. Be sure to add to the image some jewelry. They can be absolutely all – important to observe a measure. Better to give preference to gold, but even a plastic or a fun paper decorations don’t scare off your fortune.

For men suitable for both classic suits and dresses in any style kezhl. But even if you want to celebrate the holiday in a tracksuit, democratic pig you’ll understand – she’s is still a comfort and individuality.

Makeup it is best to withstand in the classic style better suited to a Nude or Smokey. As for the hair, avoid unnecessary complexity – the year of the pig it is recommended to meet with a simple but stylish hairstyle. A wonderful choice will be the easy styling of curls, the different bundles.

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