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A couple of months ago 2 well-known brand has released a new collaboration. In General, joint releases of brands is always interesting, and there are two such mischievous and unconventional brand decided to collaborate, what to expect was worth something special.

In the framework of the collaboration came a lot of products: the mosaic of shadows in the shape of a clutch bag, the palette of shadows in the form of case phone, eyeliner, Cauchon and some I do not understand the tool is called “perfecting the skin” spray to the lips and cheeks, face cream, and lipstick-the formula with a matte and glossy finish.

I, as usual, wanted a few products, but I decided to do my classic one and rent two.

This was palette and lipstick tint.

The entire collection was bright, playful, there is no place for the classics anywhere, in one millimeter, especially with regard to the design. Here I do not know who is more involved — Moschino or Tony Moly. And those and those — even those bullies. So my “strict” box of cosmetics diluted here is crazy.

Moschino Tony Moly X Super Beam Eye Palette 01 All of Gold

This palette in the form of a case for a mobile phone. That is literally the cover is removed, and it can be used as a case for the iPhone. I don’t have iPhone, so the palette I have it and it is stored.

On the other hand, the palette looks simpler:

Inside there is a brush. The ordinary sponge, but the brush of natural cloth very good. It is elastic and miniature, and it is quite possible to do eye makeup. Great for these shadows (and they are very special).

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Well, the shade is 8 bright shades. Well, Yes, of course, sudovye brown I long ago tired of, so why not to be naughty here at all?))

Shadows seem with a metallic finish. But don’t believe them. It is essentially a pressed glitter, which I hate in the shadows of Ford or aunt Charlotte. But shimmers beautifully, get.

In General, the shadow — stuff. Yes, shades of cool, very interesting and I will not call them easy or cheap, their batch I think are worthy. But the quality… Well, what I expected from Tony Moly?)))

As I wrote — the shadow essentially glitter. Why he just shamelessly flaking when applied. In the very first makeup that I removed (see below, here, too, he will go first) — you can see how tough they crumble. Crumble — half woes, usually brushed away with a brush and went, but then very firmly adhere to the skin and, moreover, can remain even after a 2 step cleansing.

But… in General not so bad, after a few looks I’m a little used to them, understand how they need to overlap and things got fun, and the result was not so sad. Important — these shadows need to drive to dial in the brush, minimum and maximum blow off the excess (not even shake). Well, in the process of wearing the shadows are around and hanging in there all day long. And thanks for that.

In General — this cool option to play around is more than for everyday wear))

Moschino X Tony Moly Tint Stay Chic 01 G Bold Russian

Lipstick tint for lips in glossy version. There is in matte, but matte lips I don’t much care. The packaging reminds rivets Valentino))

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But the top case is the net Karasina, I think, and generally bad taste.

“Valentino” in. So the case and the cooler looks.

But okay, the Fudge is really cool. Applied with a sponge. The sponge is small, elastic, they are easy to contour and apply the very lipstick.

Russian Bold color — warm red (or neutral). Can be applied as a fairly light layer, and denser. Accordingly, the gloss will be mild or more pronounced.

Liked the effect of the lipstick — such a plump. If the lips become rounder, smoother, smoother. Color and saturation are very long. Even to drink or light to eat does not really affect the coating. The texture is a bit slippery or something, very light. To the mucous just won’t get (just below the photo you can see). For loop not running. Color on the lips eats, but it is better to remove something vigorous type hydrophilic oil. Lipstick — like!

Swatch of eye shadow and lipstick:

All the shadows, and shiny. There is even a little amelanistic one — third from the left. You know, makeup can create a great variety, from classics to hard-garde, everything is limited only by your imagination. I’ll show 4.

And separately, about the lipstick, of course. Here a thin layer:

And here is more — classic red:

A pair of gold shades, green and brown:

The light shades in the sample of the classic version with a black arrow and red lips:

Green, brown and cherry with gold highlights shades:

The most complex and interesting shades I thought ukrany red and orange. I decided to combine them by drawing an arrow cherry shades:

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Hehe, very trivial))

And even the black arrow has not remedied the situation. With these colors you can safely experiment!

Collection of cool, bright, noticeable. Plz.=)

Saw the promos? Something wanted or maybe bought?

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