My 10-step Asian care. Part 1(clean)

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About a year ago I became actively involved in the care of the skin. After I learned about the Asian system, I decided to try and I liked it

Personally, my skin began to look much better and fresher when I switched to a system of care.

Well drove:

Personally I prefer to use the balm. Because the oil is very liquid…

But both are Good. Generally this range of cleansers from the secret key lemon I like.

2. Maslyanoi tool on the basis of the need to wash off the foam, I have several of them:

— Probably the cheapest out of all the Korean foams, Tonymoly. There is a series of different fruits. On different sites I read negative reviews after buying, and upset. But no, it is a normal foam. I like it. By the way I have already finished almost half a year of daily use. Very economical rate!

— Japanese foam Skinlife. Contains acid. Very cool, good foam and cleanses. She stated as for skin with acne. But dunno. Also super economical thing.

— Gel cleanser from: Rich. on YouTube Russian-speaking bloggers just pray for him. And I don’t understand the enthusiasm to be honest. Just a good tool. Cleans more gently than the first two foams. Consumption is also quite economical. Just a good tool, without any miracles.

— Foam Tony mole pokemon. About the same as the first.

3. The third stage of cleansing — exfoliation. And though I don’t do it every day — means that why most. A variety of.

Gel roll from the company with Jigott snail. Cool thing, when you use two or three times a week (when I have it was only one) had me for almost a year, well the tube is not yet over.

really cleans the face cool and smooth.

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— Lemon roll Secret key. This is just a super thing, the best roll I’ve ever had. The rolls are very small particles and perfectly clean skin. After her face is like an egg =) But there is a danger to overdo it.

Is a very popular means of cleansing mask scrub with black sugar from the company Skinfood. On all the Korean sites these masks are always in the top sales. I have a version with strawberries — it smells really good strawberry jam. A little warming up when you apply it on the face, and the sugar creates a scrub effect. But I honestly don’t understand this great popularity of this tool. nothing special. Scrub like a scrub. Is that smells delicious and a pleasant heat that thing off the face.

A purifying mask for oily skin with pink powder from Etude House. Good a mask, very similar to clay.

Effect as a clay mask, but it is dry this layer does not freeze on my face, very gentle.

— Clay mask for oily skin from La Roshe Posay. It’s not Korean but the mask is good. It’s supposed to be a clay mask, in my opinion.

This is the only way from the effaclair and indeed from La Roche Posay, which I liked. In the rest of this pharmaceutical cosmetics I did not like.

Mask with fruit acids from the Russian company KORA very inexpensive but good. I use it rate one tube one course. Two times a week. Improves skin color, exfoliates gently and generally means with acids is cool. But we have to be protected from the sun!

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— Mask film from the Belarusian brand BIO World. The good thing is, of all the cheap Russian and Belarusian masks films I like the most. Has a pleasant smell, rich black color and exfoliates well. I hope that nobody believes in fairy tales that mask will pull all the black points =D

Well that’s all, it was my cleanser for the face. I hope that someone was interested >

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