My acquaintance with makeup Jeffree Star

Honestly, I’ve never had a manic desire to try makeup Jeffrey, Yes, and he was not impressed, but after the courses I tried a couple lipsticks on the models, really wanted one of the shades. It was a matte lipstick in the shade Daddy. Remember, it is very cool revealed on different people

Googling, it turned out that this lipstick is limitka from a set kollaboratsii with Manny MUA. On the nose was black Friday and I decided that with a discount of -50% , you can then take the whole kit to experience a brand.

The first thing I noticed a beautiful black box with holography, can be closed with a magnet. Here is a direct holding and feel that I have tried!

Inside a highlighter and two lipsticks, also Packed in beautiful boxes with embossing, the products themselves in a beautiful black design, especially the highlighter – black, matte, everything I love. This fact pleased me, because I can’t stand the standard design of Jeffrey in “Barbie” pink style. Overall, the experience was positive the unpacking.

Now about the filling:

Highlighter in shade “Uranus”. Huge washer, with 15 grams of product, which will last a lifetime. Opened with difficulty, and nails to leave, inside there is a large mirror, well, it weighs decently, not for handbags.

Shade is the standard and all favourite – champagne.

By the way, is clearly seen as a major sequins have fallen on hard case

Heard that military Geoffrey, to put it mildly, on the fan, and I agree. I didn’t come. Very dry, with large sequins, a brush generally only they are typed and need endlessly to polirovat it into the skin. Even the touch is not very pleasant, rough or what…

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Of course, it can be seen from space, for a photoshoot maybe at the time, but looks very noticeable and cheap. Radiant and moist skin, is not about him. That’s true, I got idle, but it is a pity to sell, like how it looks.

In General, I see no reason to chase militerni Jeffrey, they are not worth!

My rating of the product – 3.

Further lipstick.

Packaging, I would say, nothing new, but quite comfortable, applicator is beveled. Like Wet n wild and Golden Rose:)

I’m shooked and Daddy

Lipstick in the shade “Daddy”, the one for which everything can be bought. Its color can be described as “latte” or “coffee”; there is in it something nodosae and unusual.

On the lips it is quite nice, lays down a thin layer and dry at a minimum. You can apply so that will Shine through the lips, because to get it over the lines carefully with the pencil. Indeed, I can say that this is one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks in my collection, and this is due to the fact that it is applied subtly and without the “putty”.

The only minus – one layer can flexivity, can apply just for the perfect lips ( and all matte). Despite this, I love it! And how cool it can be used as tint forever! The hand reaching for it constantly, in my thoughts, I think, “what to do when it ends?!” Already saw similar colors in NYX, but there the formula is not so pleasant.



Matte lipstick in shade “I’m shooked”.

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Shade — ripe , Abrus, differently you will not name. Razbelennye red.

In all characteristics the same as daddy. Plesivec less due to the shade. Just as comfortable on the lips. Rarely use, because the color is not casual, on the lips it looks almost red and bright.

Highlighter, too, Jeffrey.

Fondant is estimated at a 5.

The whole set cost me about30$ + shipping. For this price is a bargain, but half of this set lies idle. In the future, you might be tempted on some lipstick because they have a really nice texture, but only at a discount.

Tried something from this brand? What’s the verdict?

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