My acquaintance with Sesderma. Part 1

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So I got to Sesderma. ‘ve been looking towards this brand, but all hands did not reach…

A bit of history. Sesderma brand appeared in 1989 in Valencia, when Dr. Serrano and his team gathered together. Extensive experience in the field of dermatology and pharmaceuticals, and also personalised approach allowed them to develop a new beauty market.

In 2010, Sesderma has released a new range of products based on nanotechnology. The “trick” is that liposomes are not only used as active ingredients but also as a vehicle to deliver other ingredients into the skin. As a result, a significant increase in their efficiency.

My first purchase included several means, three of them will be discussed below.

In search of an answer to the question of what effect I want and what my skin needs after a long study of the lines and formats of products, I came to the conclusion that I’m more comfortable fluid and gel-cream – light texture and Airless packaging. So my choice fell on the heroes of this post.

Sesderma ATPSES Cell Energizing cream – Cream — cell energy drink

The description contains a lot of scientific words, it sounds pretty solid, I don’t know how it all really works, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that the cream I liked

What do they promise us?

Improving viability of stem cells of the dermis and protect from aging. The cream stimulates the energy of skin cells, stimulates and protects the mitochondria of each cell.

The result is a rejuvenated radiant skin, full of energy. Namely, the synthesized energy at all levels of the skin, improves the access of oxygen to the skin and, consequently, reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity, improves blood circulation.

This cream is also recommended as home care after treatment with LEDs to improve overall effect.

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Stress and lack of sleep… all this affects the condition of the skin and the whole body, so I had high hopes for this cream.

I’ll start with the packaging, which I was very pleased: good-quality plastic bottle with dispenser. Translucent plastic that allows you to see the amount of remaining funds. Airless packaging prevents the product’s contact with air (and I very thoroughly this issue), and not to draw his blade (or what is worse, a finger).

The tool is a lightweight cream that is applied to the skin very easily and quickly absorbed.

I was struck by the smell of fruit puree – that’s really what expect from drugstore brands/

I admit, I was a little embarrassed by the fact that the cream is designed for all skin types. In many cases this means that the tool will zirnite my skin and give unwanted Shine, and in the worst case can clog the pores with all the consequences… But not ATPSES. With him, my skin got exactly as much as necessary.

In addition to optimum hydration, the cream is really excellent tones and refreshes the skin. Due to the oxygenation complexion has improved, gone dull, I will note that the skin become more elastic and smooth. No allergic reaction or other negative manifestations were noted even on my reactive skin.

I used this cream is most often in the evening as in the morning caused AZELAC (will tell about it further), but when used in the morning before applying makeup it didn’t cause any problems. All makeup went great, no oily Shine throughout the day.

Active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, L-rich in ergothioneine, Niacinamide, Vitamin C is a great “cocktail” for tired skin.


Use life: about 2 months

Rating: 5

Price: 4950 rubles (at the office. the website)

Snailas Eye Gel – anti-Aging eye gel

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That thing attracted me, first of all, the presence of the snail secretion (but still encapsulated in liposomes). Among the active ingredients and Niacinamide, and resveratrol, and hyaluronic acid, and retinol, plus a number of natural extracts – in short, the dream, not the composition.

Based on this composition, I have gotten Snailas, and then came across information that the products of this line are designed for Mature skin

Well, had to try… besides, if you look at each ingredient separately, nothing out of the ordinary…

From the manufacturer:

prevention and treatment of skin aging, reduce wrinkles, eliminate age spots, sagging, dehydration, skin irregularities. Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


In my case, while that is only relevant points about the prevention and therapy of aging, dehydration and reduction of wrinkles. In this respect, the tool works well, but to be honest, expected more, though I won’t quibble (though it is intended for a different age group).

Soothes the skin and gives a feeling of comfort almost instantly.

About the presence of retinol in the composition. Out on the street without s/s of funds (irresponsible of me, I agree) and sunbathing (with an average SPF), no pigmentation or other unpleasant side effects are not noticed.

The site indicated that the product presented in the format of airless, but now it is sold in tube…

The consistency of this gel is more like a thick fluid. Absorbed very quickly, leaving you feeling dry on the skin. It falls on makeup even better than without it, nothing drops down and it crumbles (on this point 5+). Pharmacy has an unobtrusive smell, after applying completely invisible.


Use life: about 2 months

Rating: 4+

Price: 2990 rubles (at the office. the website)

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Azelac Moisturizing Gel – cream with azelaic acid

Well, now it is the turn of C student…

Being “happy” owner of a jet capricious skin with all the consequences, also of mixed type, are constantly searching for wonder drug that would solve all of these problems, or at least reduce their appearance.

“Why not?.. perhaps it is that wonderful tool… ” — I thought, after reading rave reviews on the Internet. Of course, we are all different, all individually, but all of a sudden…

All the same convenient packaging…

Active ingredients: azelaic acid, milk Thistle extract, Niacinamide, panthenol, encouraging composition, and the manufacturer promises a reduction of such skin conditions as rosacea, redness, couperosis and acne, and wrinkles (!).

I was most interested in Sebo-regulating effect and is also soothing and eliminating redness. With these objectives the gel and lost – in my case. His face was shiny in the same places and with the same intensity, and the redness was reduced (but not increased – the product is really well tolerated by the skin as promised).

Moisturizes well, but face shines subsequently, and the stated positive effect on wrinkles I have not noticed absolutely. So, alas…

This gel in my understanding, is still more like a fluid, mother-of-pearl with a light beige shade. First, the smell of wheat bread or something, and then there is something yeast. Not to say that it is nice, but you can tolerate…

Of course, I will not repeat, but all individually…


Use life: about 2 months

Rating: 3- (subjective)

Price: 2990 rubles (at the office. the website)

All three products over, so now in my care, there were other tools of the same brand, which will explain in the next section.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.


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