My acquaintance with the great Charlotte Tilbury lipstick

Good day! I recently finally came eye shadows and lipstick from Charlotte (Yes, and I suffer this fever). Anyone interested is welcome to talk about lipstick.

Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury K. I. S. S. I. N. G lipstick in Stoned Rose.

Beautiful, ribbed hard case color rose gold.

For those who don’t know, but Charlotte is releasing a set of cosmetics. They all wear different names, intended for various make-UPS and include a few products to create this very image. So here is my lipstick included in the set of The golden goddess. Here is a girl with a promo and actually set:

Photo from the official website.

But any product from this set can be ordered separately, they are all included in the permanent collection of the brand.

The lipstick came packaged in a cardboard box, the box was very pretty — the rose gold, ribbed, lightweight. It is very pleasant to hold in hands, not shameful to pull out in a public place. No doubt he will make any makeup case. The mechanism works flawlessly, the stick does not scratch, does not falter. The lid closes tightly with a click.

On top of the lid the logo of the brand.

Shade of lipstick is very complicated. It is something of a peach, with a slight reddishness in certain light. Seems absolutely warm. But I chamaleonic lipstick: in the shade it is neutral, in the depths of space and cool, and with a small hint of sun is getting warmer. Because of this feature, and I read her reviews and like no one has complained, i.e. it is a feature of my lips, the lipstick didn’t become a favorite. Frankly — I don’t really go.

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That’s how it looks in the table of colors:

Daylight at the window (single and multiple layers).

The lipstick is quite solid stick, but applied it without any problems. Very pigmentirovanie, gives color at once. Easily overlaying. From the warmth of lips melts and falls evenly. In General, Charlotte recommends wearing lipstick, always with a contour pencil, but I never wear them. Never. This lipstick and it does not require. Because of its texture for the outline doesn’t go away, in the folds bleeding. How to behave in the face — I don’t know, the lips are still in excellent condition. Durability — good. 3-4 hours for sure. Survive the Cup of coffee, but a full meal there. Leaves the lips nice and evenly, the pigment of the leaves. But there is one drawback — I noticed that the lipstick may be slightly gather at the junction of the lips (upper lip).

As for vdodovich properties, then, in my opinion, they are not. The lipstick does not dry lips, does not make them worse than before its use.

Daylight at the window.Caught a little sun and warmer lipstick.

The aroma of the lipstick is pretty standard and unobtrusive vanilla. Taste has not.


Lipstick made in Italy.

Weight: 3.5 g

Rating: 5

Price: £24.00

In summary: familiarity with the brand was successful. But this is no lipstick, no shadows are not caused. Special differences from the available Suite I saw. But his curiosity was quenched.

Thank you for your attention


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