My assets in the care of the skin. Part 2: The Ordinary

Hello! Today continue a long overdue story about my skin care one year ago. I had so much I wanted to say that I don’t ask that I had to split the text into 2 parts because of large volume. In the first part discussed the vitamin C and retinol, the second will be a hodgepodge of the brand The Ordinary. Who cares β€” go πŸ™‚

Let me remind you about my skin: combination with a tendency to oily, acne-prone, sensitive with enlarged pores and dehydration. The first signs of skin 30+: tendency to pigmentation, dullness, loss of tone, thinning outlines of first wrinkles.

The main focus of the care I did on retinol, which helped with the texture and density of the skin, and vitamin C antioxidant and brightening tool that was supposed to restore skin life.

2 months after the start of the retinol, I decided to add in: mode products The Ordinary. Products of the brand are frequent guests at the., and many authors have already shared their views. I kind of have nothing to add, but briefly to walk.

Serum with Niacinamide and zinc The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This serum was not a necessary purchase, I just wanted to try something from the brand and decided that Niacinamide will never be superfluous, especially since the reviews on it are positive. Identified asset for applying at night on days when have not used retinol, and a more aggressive acid add afraid due to the sensitivity of the skin.

About the asset I advise you to read here and here and here a little with what to wear.

The brand product is one of the most popular and. have the bones. Reviews can be read here

Packaging β€” white box with a concise label. Bottle β€” translucent frosted glass. Crookedly pasted labels, like a hastily sculpted. The inscriptions are not erased, the label does not come unstuck. Personally, I like this simplicity.

The dropper is also glass, knob is white plastic. Everything is solidly assembled, nothing falls off and trips does not leak. I quietly threw these bottles in a suitcase and nothing happened.

Inside β€” 10% Niacinamide and 1% zinc salt of pyrrolidone-carboxylic acid

Composition concise, nothing more, but sufficient for the efficient operation of the asset. pH 5.5-6.5

The formula is intended to adjust the balance of the skin and reduce pores. But in reality, the serum is capable of more.

The consistency of the serum is a transparent, slightly whitish, watery gel

No fragrance, but the blend of ingredients gives a slight odor of yeast or something laboratory-sterile. Not annoying me, is felt only at the time of application and after absorption disappears.

The serum is slippery and some “snotty”. This effect still give serum with mucus snails. I think the photo shows how over time the pipette overgrown clumps that have to clean up with a napkin. The same happens with the neck of the bottle.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply the serum to the skin 2 times a day β€” morning and evening, closing more dense cream

I applied in the evening after a day (night) in the days when I didn’t use retinol. It was possible with retinol to combine, but I closed my moisturizer to CeraVe, which also have Niacinamide, and retinol, SkinMedica also has this component.

For applying all over the face just need a drop. Pipette produces a third of its capacity. Okay, let’s assume that it’s just such a big drop πŸ™‚

I dripped from the pipette onto your palm, a little distributed and applied on the skin imprinting movements.

To drip from the pipette directly onto the face I didn’t like just because of the slimy consistency. In the distribution of serum were given a white coating, which is smeared on the face, but ultimately absorbed without a trace. I thought for zinc in the composition, but rather these are the gelling agents, since other brand products saw the same effect.

In the process a sense of slipperiness and stickiness, but the serum is quickly absorbed, leaving a dry, matte skin, and if you hold your finger, you can feel stuck, as if the skin is covered with film.

And then β€” surprise! serum is not friendly with any other uhodom means. Neither dry nor to wet skin after a tonic β€” as act, all follow up care will roll, no matter how much I wait after. Therefore, use is possible only in the evening, at night I sleep and I don’t care what the skin, the benefit of nothing to the pillow does not stick, but the day sunscreen and tone accurately rolled.

After numerous experiments, I have identified two ways to subdue the product: mixing the serum with the other products in The Ordinary, in fact the concept of the brand alludes to this, or close oil, which will create a protective barrier and give the serum to roll. In the first case I mixed gialuronka The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (tell about it in a separate post), the second β€” closed rosehip oil The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil β€” it will be below.

The results I saw in the very first days. The skin was noticeably lighter (and, unfortunately, gray-green putrid colour, like I’m a million years lived in a cave and not seen the sun), the complexion is smooth, skin is matte. Feel the serum itself dries the skin, so need something in a couple of moisturizers. No signs of Allergy or sensitivity, full Zen. Pores, unfortunately, it did not, but again β€” that’s my problem. The acne serum is not a cure, but gradually removes spots and acne visually, the skin becomes cleaner.

And by the way, Niacinamide is not friendly with vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) which I have determined for the day, so that in any case occur to him to β€” night.

A total care system Niacinamide behaved very well. He helped with balance and lightening of the skin, neutralize irritation and sensitivity. As soon as the scheme has eliminated the retinol, I’ve noticed that the serum is beginning to clog the pores in the morning woke up with black spots, often had to apply the cleansing mask. When finished serum with vitamin C, I’ve become like the living dead colour, and the serum was weak. It is believed that result from the use of Niacinamide becomes noticeable only after prolonged use, I had the opposite: visible changes almost immediately, but with time further improvement is not forthcoming, then there is a line somewhere that can Niacinamide on my skin, or that maybe my skin with a Niacinamide πŸ™‚ Or bright effect was due to the retinol, and after the abolition of the manifested reality of the situation.

I think first and foremost the effect of the serum will appreciate the the winner of oily and combination skin. For dry and sensitive will be lack of moisture, pick up a pair of something else. How will this serum it on your skin it is difficult to predict, but worth a try since the price of the issue is low. I would recommend just to add to your regime: an additional component that improves the action of other products.

Fans of the brand, please don’t be mad at me. I understand that for the price you would expect from a product not worth much, especially because the formula is working perfectly. But despite all the positive changes with my skin, I’m in no hurry to repeat this serum: I like the action, but annoying snotty consistency, and rolling. I would gladly pay extra little money for another product with a similar result, but a more pleasing composition. In any case, compared to a moisturizing lotion CeraVe Niacinamide The Ordinary stronger action, but the texture… the texture… πŸ˜‘

The serum is made in Canada. The volume is 30 ml, enough for 6 months of continuous use after a day in the evenings. Shelf life from time of opening β€” 1 year.

Price: 5 GBP (450 rubles) and it is possible to take cheaper.

What’s good:
β€” budget
β€” visible results
β€” working formula
β€” absence of irritating components in the composition
β€” unscented
β€” great assistant in care schemeto:
β€” international shipping, have to order without testing
β€” snotty texture
β€” clog pores
β€” a very mediocre product solo

Rating: 6 out of 10. The effect you see, but to use it’s disgusting

Rosehip oil The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rosehip oil is also ordered according to reviews, the more its strongly recommended to pair the serum with Niacinamide. Who would have known how the recommendations were right!

Despite the fact that dermatologists unanimously recommend not to use oil for oily skin, there are some products that are just good, rosehip oil is one of those.

By the way, about the hydration of the skin suggest reading here and here. Other reviews on the product here.

Packaging β€” standard brand products. Only dark glass to protect contents from rancidity.

Inside β€” a natural rose hip oil without any additional additives.

Oils are obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of rose hips, all natural, nerafinirovannye that helps to maximize the preservation of useful properties.

Due to the content of various vitamins and fatty acids, the oil helps to normalize cellular metabolism, increase elasticity of the skin. It is important to understand that oil does not cure acne, but its ability to stimulate the protective function of the skin and the ability to regenerate, can help to heal acne and minor damage, to repair the skin and minimise irritation, for example, acid maintenance or solar radiation.

The oil has a yellow color and a medium consistency liquid

Has a specific aroma, fresh and tart, but not overbearing. Felt during use, but after soaking already lost. And by the way, noticed a yellow pipette tip? I closed the bottle with your hands immediately after applying the oil staining is inevitable. So do not hurry to bury your face in the white pillow after using it.

Recommended oil: once a day, preferably at night.

I closed them with the serum with Niacinamide, which has been described above, that is, we had to use a day in the evening.

Drop quickly begins to drain

Warmed up in the palms of 2-3 drops of oil and pressed it to his face, waiting in front of this complete absorption of serum.


When applied feels like a “dry” oil. Absorbed immediately, but pretty quickly: just a couple of minutes, leaving no Shine, or feeling of the film gravity

5 minutes after applying oil

The skin immediately feels moisturizing. In addition, the oil is on friendly terms with any uhodom product, the main rule is to put it last, closing the previous care.

As a result, the next morning you Wake up with the skin in total comfort. Removed a feeling of tightness, dehydration or extra fat, the skin more relaxed, the complexion is smoother. Let me remind you that acne is an oil not a cure, but if the night before was pressed, the next morning the wound tightened and less visible, redness is not so visible. With regular use, the main effect of balance of the skin, as a result, skin is less annoyed and more grateful adopts a more aggressive care products. Besides, the oil does not clog pores and not provoke the appearance of new spots, although in the morning I wash my face thoroughly to remove cleanser.

In addition to Facials, I like to put oil on hands, in the cold, they suffer greatly and the leather can crack. As primer under makeup, this product is not suitable for the hair and nails too, not seen much use.

Use oil maybe not only in cold, when the skin is suffering from cold but in the summer after a long stay in the sun. Holders of any skin type will appreciate, but perhaps very oily skin will not get him completely matte skin.

A must-have? Offer decide. I’m glad it appeared to me, happy to use, and quite often, but it is important to remember that this is just a good helper in General ojogovom mode and not to expect from this miracle oil.

Manufacture: Canada. Volume: 30 ml shelf Life from time of opening: 1 year. I have almost a year in active use on the face and hands went half of the bottle, its impossible to finish in the allotted time. It would be nice if the manufacturer did half the amount (although, for a cost of the bottle itself will cost more) or share with a friend πŸ™‚ Although, at the moment I don’t notice a change of smell or texture.

Price: 9 GBP (about 750 rubles) and it is possible to take cheaper on discounts, while the rosehip oil and other manufacturers of cheap

What’s good:
β€” “dry” oil
β€” absorbs quickly
β€” a large amount for a low price
β€” a great helper in ojogovom mode
β€” producers are
Which is not very:
β€” peculiar smell, have to get used
β€” not suited to owners of very oily skin
β€” color white yellow
β€” impossible to finish in the allotted time

Rating: 9 out of 10. If you take something out of The Ordinary, cast to the heap in the basket and it’s oil, it would be good πŸ™‚

Marula oil The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

When I hear about Marula oil, immediately remember about the iconic and very praised, besides expensive oil, Marula Drunk Elephant (Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil). This oil is often recommended for aging skin and I was curious to try it. And when I saw The Ordinary analogue for pennies, without hesitation put into the cart.

On. there is a good review on this oil Alena AlyonaV

Butter packaging β€” identical brother-hips. Only stickers pasted the curve, and the pipette is twisted at an angle, although the problems it would cause, containers are collected reliably.

It’s hard to look at this picture, the brain does not understand what is considered a horizontal

Inside β€” Marula oil and it only

Marula is a deciduous tree that grows in the North of Africa and Bolivia. Fruit in ripe condition it has a pale yellow color and bitter-sweet taste. The oil itself is extracted by pressing from the seeds of the fruit and is characterized by a large amount of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, nicotinic acid.

This is one of the lightest oils for the skin, which vetasses, forms on the surface of the protective film, while not inhibiting cellular respiration, which allows it to retain moisture in the skin. As a consequence, soft and elastic skin, wrinkles are less pronounced. Has antiseptic and regenerative properties. The oil multifunctionale, can be used in various purposes, even bathe in it β€” will benefit.

The oil is really watery and very light, transparent with a light beige color which is almost invisible on the skin.

Has no odor. When kit tries to flow from the pipette.

Accordingly, the use of the oil wide, can be used as needed: a few drops on the skin, hair, as soften cuticles or moisturize the entire body.

Primarily I was interested in applying to the face the last stage after the amide or of retinol in the evening.

Standard rubbed in the palms of 2-3 drops of oil applied to the pressing movements.


Unfortunately, despite its ease, oil has been slow to absorb.

After 10 minutes, note as oil fell into cracks on the skin

Like and sticky no, but oil is constantly felt on the skin. More dense rosehip oil absorbed without residue, Marylou had to walk half an hour and even then the face remained a bit. The next morning I was waiting for Russian roulette: I could Wake up with hydrated and calm face or a fat pancake and a new local rash. Although, in the first case, I suspect that the oil just dried them on the pillow (by the way, does not stain, which is good).

It is believed that the Marula oil adds luster to the skin. And it does, but because of the fact that is in no hurry to absorb, forms shining imperceptible film on the skin. Dull, dry skin becomes healthy. But feelings of deep moisture I have not seen.

In the end, I tried the oil as a moisturize cuticles at night, and application to the hair. Any of these methods did not give anything, except the actual presence of oil on the treated surface πŸ˜… Maybe I gave up earlier and had regularly and systematically to force the skin to accept the product, but objectively I was too lazy.

In the end, I still found use: mix in a separate bottle with coconut oil, rosehip, Marula and passion fruit (Tarte) and applied after a shower on the body, it makes excellent hydration of the skin, but absorbed all that long.

Say, Marula oil is included in products for the treatment of alopecia, but then I hardly comment, I not true.

It’s funny that on the official website of The Ordinary are the recommendations for selection of oil for Combi/oily skin β€” rosehip oil for dry, argan, and if you have it right, take the Marula πŸ˜‚ Dry skin will appreciate him more, I was no use at all. Now the oil range the brand has become wider, tried something else? What are your impressions?

Actually I’m glad I tried it, now I know that there are other, more expensive, I don’t need. Do you see any effect from the oil of Marula?

Manufacture: Canada. Volume: 30 ml shelf Life from time of opening: 1 year. Used infrequently for a year the bottle diminished by a third and only for use on the entire body.

Price: 9 GBP 8.25 GBP (about 700 rubles) and it is possible to take cheaper on sale.

What’s good:
β€” budget
β€” odorless
β€” skin shining
β€” mnogofunktsionalno:
very long soaks
β€” does nothing

Rating: 4 out of 10. Unfortunately, I did not see any benefit from this oil.

By the way, if you missed the posts on how to combine products of The Ordinary (and for some reason did not receive this information on the official website of the brand), here’s a good cheat sheet: here and here.

Now I picked up a few products, the brand, but there is also no enthusiasm. The combination of serum with Niacinamide and rose hip oil I liked, but to pull on it all his care, I would not.

As a result of the winter schemes: the slightly improved quality of the skin, the complexion is smoother and brighter, the texture is more even and smooth back the elasticity and density of skin. I survived the winter without serious dehydration of the skin, worsening the sensitivity and painful pimples. Unfortunately, enlarged pores are still with me, periodic redness was still evident, a single small pimples periodically was. I wasn’t specifically photographing “before” and “after”, but here’s a random refrigerator selfie spring morning, just in the last few days of using retinol. If you enlarge the photo, you can see the small peeling that inevitably appear on the skin.

Perhaps, after all my enthusiasm from the media who would think that this is a bubble and the skin still looks bad, but for me this is a huge change, and I’m still in the process. The main thing in leaving: almost half of the winter I spent under the scorching sun and the fact that I am not a leopard β€” an exclusive merit of the planned care.

What do you think the scheme is worth the effort or should it try harder?

And thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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