My autumn lipstick Golden Rose Matte Lipstick Crayon. Shade 10

Don’t like matte lipstick, I don’t like how they look on the lips and for me personally they’re old, so usually I pass them. But recently it so happened that it was evening, there was nothing to do. I was waiting for her husband and at that time there were all examined in a small shop type Hostess, he saw in the window these lipsticks, and then the positive reviews on GR and paltry price did the trick))) Bought out of curiosity and I love it!)

You know what a lipstick pencil, a very handy thing, to put is much easier than conventional stick, especially on the contour. Coating itself smooth, the lipstick glides on lips, well-layered, not peeling stresses on the lips is felt very little, and most importantly did not create this eerie feeling of clay. Generally it is more reminiscent of a creamy lipstick than matte. My feeling is it is 80% cream and 20 Matt, here) How to clear describe its texture I don’t know, so let it be so) Resistance for matte is not very much, about 2 hours, snacking is not going through. Has no odor.

The colors I would call dark tea rose. I have a soft appearance, so bright lipsticks aren’t really my thing. This shade is a cross between Nadom and bright color, I like how it looks on me. I usually do not share makeup according to the seasons, but this color somehow seems to me that is autumn. But to use it of course, I’m all year round)

The finish is not dull matte like other matte lipsticks in stick.

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Applied on bare lips, the light of day

By the way, this lipstick is perfectly applied to lip balm and this is not reflected in the coverage and durability, but the finish is just creamy. From me for this one, my all — fondant cream)))

Morning light, put on the balm and in the sun this morning, too

Lipstick made in Turkey, weight 3.5 g, shelf life 18 months. Consumption, I think, is economical because I used it already 10 times, but sharpening is still required. That’s, like, all, thank you for reading)))

Rating: 5

Price: 120-130 rubles

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