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By purchasing one cosmetic exhibition concealer ART-VISAGE Sustainable (and you can mix with Moisturizer for packing tinkly), I even could not imagine that it would be the best tone in my life and for the third tube are invariably with me.

The Foundation texture is thick like a cream, gives you cover from thin to thick.

Well together with any application method, brush-duovir, sponge, Yes, even just hands. General complexion, small imperfections – this beauty will hide all.

Despite the high durability and coating, the tone looks very “perky”, gives the mask effect and excessive dullness, and leaves a slight glow, so if you fancy a more matte effect, the T-zone to finish setting powder or HD powder.

This tone is suitable, both dry and oily skin. Here a small digression, any skin, no matter what type she is, need training to make-up, then the tone will work many times better and more beautiful effect!

I like to use just a moisturizing base, in tandem with this tone 18-20 hours the makeup was kept intact, while fixing only the “meteorites”.

The tone is not peeling stresses and irregularities, not sinks into the pores, the representatives of dry skin should pay particular attention (especially because the composition has a vitamin E and moisturizing complex).

Coloring series is suitable for representatives of our country, is as bright and light colors (201, 205), darker (203, 204) and the midtones (202, 203, 206, 207 (pink), 208 (yellowish). Choosing a shade for themselves during zatista and wait a while, while the tone sits down, as it has a feature to adapt a little to darken.

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For example, I was sure that the tone No. 201’s perfect for me, until I tried No. 205, here 100% hit!

Below you can compare the shades from left to right from 201 to 208.

Foundation extremely friendly, I didn’t meet any conflict with the database or with a cream blush, sculptors, militerni.

Many words of praise, but I suggest to have a look at this tone in.


You may notice redness, rosacea, not too smooth complexion.

AFTER the photo:

The brush-defibrill on top of moisturizer.

For me the tone has become an absolute opening and full of love.

Budget, there are bright colors, durable, does not look mask, covers well, does not emphasize the face.To pick up the tone is better live, can be oxidized.

250₽цена10/10оценка14 months, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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