My best find for oily skin: gel-primer tone correction-Tone Correcting Cream Inbetween Blithe

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My current opinion about the tool, about which I first regretted…

Having a history of oily skin at any time of the year, I’m certainly interested in bases and primers. Almost a year was Smashbox favorites, but somewhere near the end of the tube something went wrong and it stopped working — namely, Matt. Then there were the miniatures from different manufacturers, to one of which I never finished… in the Summer I have a favorite love Biore, and it mattifies, and protects from the sun, but in the cold dry, especially given the input of acids in daily care.

Anyway, I cold need a good moisturizer to close their serum, but with a matte effect and naturally not to dry and not stressed out peeling.

And I found that the cream but not the cream, the primer, but no primer????

Cream primer tone correction-Tone Correcting Cream InBetween Blithe

After a positive experience with splash mask of the same manufacturer instagram I kindly slipped this picture:

A hydrating primer, primer “instant glow” and primer “adjust tone”. Suffering chronic sleep deprivation I do not hesitate to get the one for pitch correction, because of the shining I have enough of its, and moisturizing may be zirnite…

The summer was hot and on the use of this tool I thought it was terrible, but more on that later))

The composition will not be considered, I’m not interested

The box and the jar is quite positive on the color???? I don’t understand what made jar, very similar to glass, but tend to plastic. Inside the protective membrane, all as it should be.

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The tool looks like a plain cream white. The texture is light, but not a gel, it feels when applying, but not to wear (!). The smell is barely noticeable, neutral.

The manufacturer promises us using this primer to create the perfect makeup effect, pitch correction, to protect the skin from any external influences: pollution, changes in temperature and precipitation, climate change, from strong wind and dry air-conditioned air. Protection against clogging of pores also promises. Well, a lot????

I tried it in July and once again in August. In thirty-degree heat it was a bad idea… No, it does not run, oddly enough, but still the skin was shining strongly and there was a feeling of a greenhouse on the face. Left until autumn.

Just in September I started a new serum with vitamin C, which tightens the skin and the cream on top was necessary. My two favorite rather compact for daytime use, so I got this primer, which is also the type of cream…))

In General, apply as a carer, close them with the serum. Go to drink coffee after coffee makeup.

By itself, this primer evens out nothing, in fact it is just a cream, but in some magical way the skin looks alive or something and it stays matte. Skin and feel remains the skin, not the smoothness and velvety, which gives the silicone primers.

Cream on it was just perfect, even in such problem areas like the nose and chin. And it lasts all day without exposing the husk on the wings of the nose and chin.

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Face throughout the day remains in place???? Blush, the tone, the powder does not require correction, one matting napkin on the T-zone at lunch and all.

And another huge plus: disguise since. No, they are not strause like eraser, alas, but still this well is so narrow and most importantly do not zakuporivaniya with proper cleansing.

I honestly wanted to take pictures on face but the skin macro on a DSLR is a frightening spectacle, and photos on the phone absolutely useless, as selfcamera so improve the skin, that sometimes the nose can not see…

The disadvantages can be attributed only to the lack of SPF, but in the cold it doesn’t scare me, because I use powders with a high level of protection.

Manufacturer Of Korea. A volume of 30 ml expiration date use or a year.

Price: 3200 RUB.

Term test:a little more than a month daily.

Rating: 5.

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