My bouquet of fresh cut peonies from Jo Malone. Art of fragrance combining with the Peony and blush suede and Basil and Neroli

Let’s start with the Peony and Blush Suede

Description from the official website of Jo Malone:

Lush color peonies, delicate perfection. The mood of flirting is created by the piquancy of red apples and splendor of Jasmine, roses and Wallflowers. The restrained sensuality of the soft pink suede. Luxurious and seductive.

My introduction to Jo Malone started with the Peony and Blush Suede. I really was looking for a clean, fresh peony scent and so bought it immediately, because it is a peony covered, more powdery, warm, velvety. Moreover, this creaminess is enhanced with a sitting Cologne. Other colors and Apple shown in the pyramid, I can’t hear you. In my opinion, this fragrance is suitable for romantic and cute images, or classic. Perfect weather for it — cool summer, warm beginning of autumn and, of course, spring. For winter it will probably be too light for summer, more suitable peony from Armani Prive. Durability is average, like all Jo Malone colognes from this line (in transparent bottles). The train is also average.

Price — 7600 100 ml

Rating is 5

Now — Basil & Neroli

Description from the official website of Jo Malone:

Walk around London — a fashionable, bold and modern. Go on a date with sensual neroli and playful Basil enjoying a quintessential British style. With this elegant, intriguing, adventurous fragrance you will never be bored. Passionate. Alive. Original.

This fragrance came to me after buying a candle Basil & Neroli. I thought it would be nice if the house will smell like fresh cut flowers. And as the candle stood near the Peony and pink suede, and I thought that together, they can give just the aroma of freshly cut peonies, which I had so long dreamed.

So, Cologne Basil & Neroli. As I said above, for me it is the smell of fresh cut flowers. Not clean Basil or neroli, not grass, and it fresh flower bouquet. It is really lively, bright, juicy, sparkling. Basil it is not annoying, neroli — do not give excessive milnot or floral. It is extremely harmonious and balanced. I think solo is better to use it in a cool, but Sunny weather, perhaps even rainy. But, in my opinion, the best it is revealed in combination with Peony and Blush Suede…

Persistence and plume — average, but slightly stronger than the Peony.

Price — 7600 100 ml

Rating is 5

And finally, the most important part of the post. I want to note that mixing scents is Jo Malone philosophy called the Art of fragrance combining.

The combination of Peony and Blush Suede and Basil and Neroli.

I put just the flavors one on top of another, at 2-3 sprays each. Ideally, of course, should one apply perfume on the body, the other hair, but I think the alcohol in the composition of perfumes/colognes dry hair. I feel that the fragrance caused the second will be a bit dominate in sound. In any case, they perfectly complement each other, literally, as the stem and the flower peony.

Do you like to mix flavors? What are your favorite combinations?

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