My brushes from ManlyPro + tube for brush

Start with common properties: all of the brushes Manly Pro, regardless of duration of use, never climb and not molted. All the brushes were sold in black cardboard boxes, brushes after from the new collection inside of the box was purple with a picture of some kind of insect (a cross between a moth and a fly).

Now about each separately.

1) eyeshadow Brush ManlyPro No. K25

I hope you’ll forgive me I’m not too well cleaned brush; glitter I found when doing macrophoto

Pile natural, the website says that this speaker (I can’t remember since brush bought in March 2016). Now the brush is available in an updated design, same as the last one in this review.

Also the website says that this brush is medium size and will fit both the main.

Dimensions: pile length 9 mm, width from my measurements somewhere 7-8 mm brush entirely — 18.5 mm.

This is my first brush from ManlyPro, and she did not disappoint me. I took it for a dense eye shadow application and it copes with the task. My other brush of the same shape, older, wider and longer, but not so tightly Packed and can move the color more delicately (and maybe the fact that she is from a set of network RG rubles 800, purchased in 2012).

Overall I’m happy with everything.

Price: 570 roubles

Rating: 5

2) Brush-Kabuki ManlyPro KBW

Pile natural, goat.

Pile a little uskovat, which is evident by my blush:

The skin, however, not much pricks and stabs in General, not always, but girls are more sensitive than me, skin can be frustrating.

Brush lightly sharpened:

I’ve been looking at this brush, but did not dare to buy, as it seemed flimsy.

I was partly right: once, when I ran out of cleaner, I had to clean out her cream Foundation (it turned out that the child has reached higher than I expected) water with micellar gel, and I probably overdid it, so as a gift and got a coil of wires, and the edge has come unstuck.

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Photo taken after an unpleasant event, before a twig close to the pile denser:

Before the edge of the twig was tucked in for the penultimate round

However, NAP has not fluffed up and fell out, so I don’t see much of a problem and not trying to seal the place “accident”.

I like to apply this blush brush, it almost makes it impossible to propositi. Powder she doesn’t paint, but likely not from the fact that the shape is wrong (although for the powder and prefer a rounder brush and a little more), but because I brush my blush brush once a week and don’t want to move the remnants of the blush with a brush on the forehead, or, say, nose.

In General I like the brush, but it is clearly for personal use only: if you paint 3-4 girls a day, it will quickly lose a decent view. She and I already look a little shabby.

Price: 650 roubles

Rating: 4

3) eyeliner BrushManlyPro No. K42

Pile natural

Dimensions: pile length 7 mm, brush entirely — 17 mm. It is the information from the site, apparently, about the new brush, because my short K25 (No. 1 in the post) is less than politimester (suddenly someone is important).

It looks Potrefena than the “old-timers” in my makeup bag, and certainly potrepannyy than the first brush from Manly, but I used her force times 12:

And now about the main thing — ability to draw arrows. Somehow, before the lesson, the arrows on the courses of makeup, I decided that I need this brush, because the bevel and a small flat brush-tongue I had. Lecturer, briefly looking at the brush, said I was a waste of money. And so it proved.

Put aside personal preferences: someone really easy this format. I think this brush lacks elasticity, because while trying to recruit a gel eyeliner it pouchitsa, breaking up into separate “companies” of the villi, so a thin line she did not get hold. I guess things were better with liquid eyeliner, which is thoroughly impregnated fibers would, but what’s the point in taking a separate brush if in a vial with liquid eyeliner one already exists?

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I wanted to throw away the brush, but something the hand does not rise, though, and bought it for a nominal sum. Sometimes I use it, adjusting the contour of the lipstick caused a “native” or applicator stick, at least — eyeliner ciliary edge of the black shadows, as in this case, the graphic quality is unimportant.

Price: 280 rubles

Rating: 2

4) facebookpagina Large round brush to blend ManlyPro No. К132

Pile: natural, goat is not afraid of the word premium

Dimensions: pile length 2 cm, width of the pile 9 mm, brush length — 19.7 cm

I bought a brush at the store, and she had already been released in a new format, but I, unfortunately, put a brush the old model, and I found it at home.

Initially, I took this brush for the highlighter, hoping to make friends with this tool, but still used often for its intended purpose.

The brush is suitable for large eyes and the broad shading of light shades. Even once read that large brush is good for the impending century. I have these, but mostly in the crease I work the brush smaller and use this to soften the shading with bright colors, causing bright shining eye shadow under the eyebrow and shadow over the entire lid (as a base color).

I never soap the brush with water, just cleaner. Unfortunately, she is still fluffed, but still absorbed the color purple cleaner.

Price: 640 roubles

Rating: 4

5) Universal brush for dry and creamy texture ManlyProNo. 105

This is the only brush in new design. I like it very much, looks neat, plus I love the purple color.

Pile artificial, at first it may seem that this Dwapara, but the two tone hairs, they are different lengths.

The dimensions of the pile length is approx. 4 cm, the length of the entire brush 21.5 cm approx. (on the website there is no information that measured itself).

Form facebookpagina, flattened laterally, as usually happens with brush for blush.

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Included were mesh to maintain the shape (these are sold at marks and separately from the brush).

The brush is really versatile: I put her tone, powder and blush and she’s got it all. I especially liked her shade of cream blush of the same brand that I used to be able to shade only the reverse side of the teardrop-shaped sponge (wet). About contouring I wasn’t sure, I thought the brush is this thick, but I tried it and was pleased: for daytime makeup is so soft, barely noticeable contouring is very good. Although, of course, to make the nose sleeker her will not work.

Price: 750 rubles, I bought for 375 rubles

Rating: 5-

6) the Tube ManlyPro КП34

Dimensions: diameter 10 cm, height 23.2 cm

The brand has two more solid tube, molded of a relatively soft leatherette and nylon, both opaque. I’m thinking of getting hard, but he seemed tight, and choosing between nylon and transparent plastic, I made a choice in favor of the latter, as if the tube is not strong enough to throw him to the bottom of the bag and lay it on top of a bunch of things, let them at least I’ll see what brushes I have in a tube.

Closes with two buckles

It looks like the tube in expanded form:

It seemed to me inconvenient that it cannot be revealed Rassegna with one hand

I have about 35 hands, 5 wide (for tone, powder, blush), they all fit in the tube together with the packs of disposable brushes for mascara, and applicators for the lips (5 pieces each), and left the place. But if you fill the tube “to failure” so that all the brushes will stand upright, some maybe a little crumpled pile, as for example, 105 of the brush, if you close the tube.

Price: 1090 roubles, I bought for 545 rubles

Rating: 5-

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